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Brian Ledis
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist and all around nice guy
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist and all around nice guy

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The nuts and bolts of nuts and bolts

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Hashtags whos in?
Facebook hashtags, do they work? How does Facebook choose your top friends in Chat? Answers and more inside! #facebooktips  

Curious which of my peeps use G+? ...Comment, Circle, Reply, Hangout, Message, +1 to let me know ur out there... :)

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good article for a very common issue with web marketing clients

Anybody know of a way to connect a cell phone with data plan to a wireless router to use the phone to create a network?

My cousin has ALS and is wheelchair bound he has eye glass software like Stephen hawking so he can use his eye movements to type and other functions so he’s always messing with new ways to connect his stuff to take with him on his wheelchair.

So its for a good cause!


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How well do you know Google Analytics? Is GA all it's cracked up to be?

Now it's easy to figure out the answers to those questions, just checkout the wonderful Periodic Table created by the talented +Jeff Sauer.

You can access a easier to see mouse hoverable on each element version on Jeff's website: <Click

Another great use of this is when you are starting to buy a web analytics package. Here's a handy list for build your RFP on []. 

For the next iteration it would be cool to link the table to helpful articles or even the support site so that you can learn more - and get so deep into this that you never come up to see the light of the day! :)

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