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Andy Fitzgerald commented on a post on Blogger.
I dig the nuance in this post, Austin – and I appreciate that you're getting under the skin of things. I can see how "rhetoric" in this context feels a bit fuzzy. In the flow of the presentation from which Dan quoted I do pin that term down more concretely as "the means by which we inform, persuade, or motivate particular audiences in specific situations." 
If you're interested in how I build up to that point – and how it contextualizes what I later mean by "argument" – please do check out the talk. I've posted the deck and the audio to Slideshare at
I look forward to your second post here. There relationship between IA & IxD is complicated for sure; it's good to see serious conversation around how to bring the best of both to the design table (and even better that these conversation involves Lakoff – that stuff is gold!)

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Yep. I'm excited about the N4. This feels like the maturity I've wanted in Android for a while (and is maybe finally here).
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