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it ain't where ya from, it's where ya at
it ain't where ya from, it's where ya at
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Are you opening on a DM screen too +Gavin Norman ?
Anybody know of a good DM screen for B/X D&D? Preferably in PDF.

I ran HSI on Saturday night. I'm saying it here so I'm on the hook to actually write up a bit more on it.

Has anyone gotten the encounter roller map to work on a phone? I feel like this shouldn't be that complicated (just all go in a folder?) but I try to open encounters.html the image link is broken. Should I just be rearranging files on my device or anyone have any other advice?

I know people have run HSI as a one shot Last time I ran one shots it was with a small community with a bunch of adventure locales. First session players were from the community, tried to get stuff. Second session crash landed space ship, needed to steal magic to power up and get out.

How do you setup a one shot for HSI? Like I can do a shipwreck and then they have to find something to leave? That could take a while though right?

Not that it matters I'ma run Troika! and it's gonna be great I'm not just sure hot to structure it. I've got two Field Guides so I want to make this work since I only play in meatland once a year.

For backgrounds like Rhino-man that have "built in" equipment (horn and armor) my tendency is to have weapons take up no space and the armor still count against the 12 because of the bulk. What does everyone else do? I could see not counting the armor as well since the background might just be naturally stronger to carry their extra weight.

Has anyone used Troika! to run Hot Springs Island?

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The art is good here but love the quoted tweet's scenario.
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Hey +Evlyn M​ and other people that make zines. This cool artist wants to do zine trades, check her out!

Check out @sawdustbear’s Tweet:
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Also provisions: does anyone allow force feeding to an unconscious character? I think we're just meant to let dying characters die but the mentions in the rules of "die at round end if no one can heal them in time" makes me lean the more forgiving way at times.

Does anyone else feel like spells are strongly disincentived compared to melee or ranged? The issue I've run into over the course of three one-shots is that magic is not a contested roll which means that if your skill is low it becomes not worth it to even try to do magic. Let me illustrate with an example.

Starting characters, both have Skill 4. No backgrounds (I think) have any magic skills above 3, mostly I've noticed 1s and some 2s. Combat skills are generally same I think, so effective skill of 5. Face off against some goblins, also skill 5. Melee and ranged fighters have a 50/50 shot of winning against the goblin but the spellcaster not only has a less than 28% chance to succeed but the must pay stamina for the opportunity to do so. My players with spells ended up just trying to cut the gobbos with knives instead of continuing to try (and fail) at casting spells.

Has anyone else seen this kind of thing? I get that magic can get more advantage of you can get skill up but that requires actually being able to make terrible rolls for a few adventures. Alternately you could pay a trainer to make it better but starting characters cannot do that.

Is it just meant to be weak to start off by design because it can be so much stronger later?

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