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it ain't where ya from, it's where ya at
it ain't where ya from, it's where ya at
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Wow. Yes, it IS wizard time.

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This goes in RPGs because that's all Lulu is to me. Stacking codes are nice.
Lulu Madness

25% Off Print Books: 6LZFHB4T
Free Mail Shipping: SHIPFEB17

These codes stack. SHIPFEB17 is only good until 2/12.

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+cecil howe​ draws all these gorgeous hexes BY HAND. And now there is software for helping you put them all together. You won't be disappointed.
The Hex Kit desktop app Kickstarter is live! If you want a cool program to make pretty maps, for dirt cheap, then this one is for you!

Shares get smooches, just sayin.

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You had me at "smother you to death."
It's time say hello to some new undead on #WorldBuilderBlog. Meet the husk... it's basically the Yin to the skeleton's Yang. An animated body without bones that will smother you to death.

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+Wayne Rossi​ just in case you didn't catch this, figure it might make your job easier. Twitter bot announcing WotC releases from the past.

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No healing without sucking out the souls of the recently dead. Doing so denies that soul an afterlife. Can artificially extend one's life using this technique. Sounds pretty darn LotFP to me.

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Oh man this is so cool, magical healing only powered by collecting the souls of the recently dead.

+Patrick Stuart​ thanks for indirectly leading me to +K Yani​.

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Good for making products, I don't know anything about this stuff.

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I'd be curious if anyone had better numbers than this too.
I'm trying to do a little info gathering on market size for RPGs. I've seen some of the ICV2 data that said the 2015 Tabletop RPG market was about $35M (in fact, I've seen recentish numbers in the $25-40M range).

I've seen estimates that the 5e PHB has likely sold upwards of 250,000 copies since it was published in mid-2014, which implies an annualized sell rate of about 100,000 books ($5M per year, ish).

This doesn't seem wrong. I've seen estimates of upwards of a million D&D players, and there were 160,000 folks (call it 40,000 groups?) involved in the playtest.

I've been ballparking market share at 40% Fifth Edition, 40% Pathfinder, 10% Other Editions, including OSR, and 10% "Everyone else, from GURPS to Fate to Twilight 2000 to . . ."

I'd love folks to throw some better stats and data at me, or links. 

Two rules questions:

Are we meant to add STR to melee attack roles and DEX to ranged ones? My impression is it's a straight roll no bonus.

Do you not need to roll for magic, it just happens? It seems like it does just happen but not sure.
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