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Having issues with putting folders in a row above the dock. It will only allow me to put folders across if I put it higher. Anyone else having issues?

I unregistered but never received the download for mm. I registered again then unregistered to see if it would trigger it, but nothing. Any help would be appreciated. 

How long do I wait for the mm file if I am leaving the n build. 

So I clicked to leave the beta test and have not received the download to go back to MM. How long do I have to wait?

What was the recent big update? 

Is anyone else having issues with YouTube where when you swipe a video you just watched it crashes the whole app. I'm on the March security update.

I am unable to use chrooma after the newest update. It force closes.

Are we going to see language integration like SwiftKey does so well? 

I had the lg v10 and over blue tooth it sounded great In the car. The 6p sounds muffled and the volume seems to low. Any suggestions? 
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