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Hi! So, I'm sharing this "figure nudes" circle again. In order for it to work, you should share the circle on your page too. Then everyone who wants to see our work can do so once they are added to the circle. Pass the circle around - click on it and you can add all these people who will not flag your work. :)

If you want to be added to the circle, please say so underneath and the next time I share the circle more people can add you. ;) Then we can develop a nice little community here on G+. - we aren't posting Porn, so if you think that it's probably not your type of circle. this is for figurative art. you will be deleted from the circle if we see any gross stuff.
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Thanks Zoe - you've be in my 'maybe safe' circle so you are now fully added! It would be great if you could add me to further circulations.
cheers Scott. I've added you to my "nudes sharing" circle and next time I share it you'll be in there. :)
most are photographers and some are models. we all do fine art nude photography. we (most) would like to have an audience to post for who will not turn us into the all hating moderators who know nothing about what is art and what isn't art. we don't want to get banned for trying to share our work. So, this is an OPT-IN circle if you want to see our work. When we share our art, we will share it with the "nudes sharing" circle, and have at least 97% confidence that we are posting to cool people who don't believe in censorship. who instead of reporting someone, they will opt to just remove that person from their circle. you know, adults. :)
Add me too! I need to hang out here more often!