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shashank kapoor
"I'm not a function of my environment, My environment is a function of me"
"I'm not a function of my environment, My environment is a function of me"

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Awesome time!

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Why is indoor mapping so hot?

Last week, this company, Meridian, was bought by Aruba. It does indoor mapping. Why is this so hot? Because in the age of mobile and context you'll need to get directions to things indoors and learn about things you are walking near. This can't be done by GPS alone. Strategically these indoor mapping companies are hot because this is the next smartphone and Google Glass differentiator.  

Apple recently bought WifiSlam for the same reason. Here's an article on Aruba's purchase:

Here you get a good look at what indoor mapping does. I

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Keep calm to make a big deal.
Yahoo! buys Tumblr

+The New York Times The board of Yahoo, the faded Web pioneer, agreed on Sunday to buy the popular blogging service Tumblr for about $1.1 billion in cash, the companies announced Monday, a signal of how the company plans to reposition itself as the technology industry makes a headlong rush into social media.

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