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ind of Tom Paxton, we've met the enemy and he is stoned stuff not bad I thought it was his description not the song happy to have listen. Enjoy the holiday William.
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As I was told long ago I'm talking 4 or 5 decades when you point at someone three are pointing back at you. There is one good thing about religion other than the supermarket or the laundromat it's the best place to meet women for sex. For one must sin to get through the gates of heaven which explains much of what happens in religion. 
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William Hodge

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He's #lying before the campaign,  because once a liar, always a liar, and he can't change, that's where he's coming from! That's the #theme of every #Rescrublican  lie's upon lie's! Because they can't say I #represent Big Business, #Billionaires and my only aim is to give as many #TaxCuts  and #Rebates  as I possibly can muster. And of course that means taking from #Social Security, #infrastructure   and #Medicare, or whatever, its of no concern of mine. My only obligation is to the 1% constituents I represent who pay for my #campaigns.
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William Hodge

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The absurdity of it America is the only true world power country yet we care more about things not needed then home repairs. The twisted logic that has gotten us here has to end we don't need anymore big guns to make men's penises hard.
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William Hodge

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How about how hospitals are killing people.
These hospitals ran my father inlaw from hospital to hospital, un-nec surgery to un-nec surgery. Initially all he needed was some sort of painkiller but they insisted concerns about dependency. So instead they used drugs like adderall and many things he didn't need. He lived 50 years as an amputee and had a bullet lodged in his back ( which they refused to remove, but they did open his back to let his spine breath whateverthefuck that meant)
After 8 mnths 5 hospitals and a rehabilitation aide writing to Medicare to say he refused physical therapy cause he was refusing to walk( On His One Leg)
Medicare refused anymore payment. He died about two weeks after the senior citizen center (Rehab) began demanding that he sign his pension payments over to them.
Initially we had taken him to the hospital for phenomenon. The next day he was covered in bruises and incoherent. The 1st day of the 8th mnth he was dead.
I lost my job my home my life as I knew it being there for him, and the people who did this are still the top earners in my community. Fucken Murderous Greed Mongers
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William Hodge

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Huffington Post:

WASHINGTON -- Each year, on the last Monday of May, millions of Americans ditch work to hit the beach, light up the barbecue or catch a ballgame in honor of those who died serving our country. To top it off, we typically get paid just as if we'd clocked in for the day -- not a bad way to kick off summer.
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William Hodge

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You're not being lied to. You're being spoken to by faith.
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William Hodge

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Think Progress:

Luis Lang, who is currently crowdfunding for medical expenses that he can’t afford because he didn’t sign up for insurance under Obamacare, has become a viral sensation. However, the 49-year-old South Carolina resident says he doesn’t want to be the poster child for the Republican Party’s opposition to health care reform anymore.

At the end of last week, the Charlotte Observer reported that Lang, a lifelong Republican who’s previously prided himself on covering his own medical bills, can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars to treat an issue stemming from his chronic diabetes. Lang is suffering form bleeding in his eyes and a partially detached retina, which will cause him to go blind if left untreated. So he set up a GoFundMe page to solicit $30,000 in donations to cover a costly surgery that will save his vision.
"I'm in the situation I'm in because they chose not to expand Medicaid for political reasons."
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+David Markham your very right except it's billionaires and billions of suckers. 
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 I have a wife of forty five years, two children and four grandchildren and a large extended family, including an 93 year old Mother.  They are the True Center of my life.  My Daily pledge is "Let me learn something new today".
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