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An unplanned time-lapse photography sequence of a sunset...

#sunsetphotography   #sunsetphotography   #animatedgif  
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"Under the Influence" 5x7

Also sent to my Valentine in late response to her wonderful card...

The obverse side is a print of my favourite one of the Fake Andy Warhol images I created for an Email Art Call from +Moan Lisa. The collage on the reverse represents the positive and negative effects of feeling as though one is submerged in romance. The insects on the heart represent the feelings one gets when falling in love, similar to having butterflies in your stomach.

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Thank you +Ron Fleishman 
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Tuborg Spring Series

“Tuborg ØL – Spring Target”
24¼”w. × 33¼”h.

A melancholic backwards reference to the Sweaty Man. Wishing he could be drinking an early Apollinaris craft beer (made in Tuborg) as he found so satisfying in his youth when he was the Thirsty Man - whilst unfortunately being trapped in the modern mechanised workers world of Tuborg ØL being mass produced under a single unified brewer. In his absent minded state the Sweaty Man has knocked over his hat full of old tricks, and spare hats, losing sight of the original target stored within. Meanwhile, the true magic of the hat is being flown off to safety by it’s resident rabbit revolting and taking this opportunity to make good it’s escape with the most highly prized trick on board. Left with only tinfoil hats for protection, the Man stands raptured in his dream of yesteryear as his tricks fail and all he holds dearest dissipates around him without notice. Translation from Danish: forår skydeskive = spring target.

Made with respect and consideration for the Target Practice project by Laura Tringali Holmes. Thank you for the two targets you sent me for use in this piece.

Target Practice on Facebook

Target Practice Blog — with Laura Tringali Holmes.

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For Digital Art Haters Everywhere

"Square - Colour Chase"

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very cool! +James T. Randall 
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Hmmm... so Who took down my last posted assignment??? The post, images and text are now completely gone from my G+ profile - completely!? Curiouser and curiouser... there was NO nudity or copyright infringement. It was nothing more than a pair of simple GIF's. I am seriously concerned about this. Does anybody here have any clue about this? I know it wasn't done by me, and I doubt the other two people here with privileges to remove an Akademie post couldn't easily get it removed from my personal image albums (nor would they). Was it some kind of Google Central Control Override? No wonder G+ is a dry riverbed, they keep diverting all the luscious and tasty water to anywhere except here. I'll try posting one of them again and see what happens this time around...

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I think you're right +Rin Dra Krop 
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Have him in circles
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I found some old shop drawing mock-ups and just had to scan them in and have a bit of a play about. She really was a hot little ride and in a pinch could easily outrun a modern Ninja with all the bells and whistles (and nearly 50% greater displacement). I loved riding her and she loved me back, especially when I'd throttle her up to around 140mph!!! 0-60mph in 3.2s with flames shooting out of the tailpipes! It was like riding a rocket with wheels attached.

#Triumph #motorcycle
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"The Dream - floating serenely" 4x6

Sent to my Valentine in late response to her wonderful card...

Collage done on the back of a photo print of my work with a poem, then stuffed into an envelope.

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The idea came together in a flash from images I had stored away in my head +Ron Fleishman. The cutting out took a lot longer due to arthritis.
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James T. Randall

North America - Street Photography  - 
Branta canadensis pedester metropolitan

I waited for him to cross, but he just stood there giving me the eye.

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS, EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6
ISO 100, FL 54mm, 1/160s @ f:5.6, 0 EV
Taken Mar 27, 2014 @ 1:41pm

Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - Corner of Cedarbridge Way and Elmbridge Way.

"In Canada, even wild geese follow the traffic laws."

Single frame RAW developed using additional detail and texture enhancements in foreground only (primarily to enhance plumage colour & near pavement). Frame for effect only...

#canadagoose   #streetphotography  
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For Digital Art Haters Everywhere

"Square - Colour Swap"

#digerati   #DADA   #GOOGLEBOTSSUCK   #algorithmsrunamuk  
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FLASH ME UP - James .-)
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For Digital Art Haters Everywhere

"Digital Flashing Lights"


Maybe it's just a Google Product Testing Phase a.k.a. Beta Testing on live platforms. Always a bad idea.

#digerati #DADA   #GOOGLEBOTSSUCK   #algorithmsofdeath  
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Thanks +Ron Fleishman and +Iwona Ozz apparently it's staying up this time.
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Have him in circles
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Great Googly Moogly
Greatness, Googliness, and extreme Moogliness.
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    How does one describe the filling of the Soul with mere words and images not employing higher meta-language memes of indescribable complexity?
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Great Googly Moogly...but is it Art?

Emotional Roller Coaster Ride of Life The slow clicking internally charged clockwork pulls my carriage awkwardly, invariably upward towards the ever closer precipice I must engage. Once the ride commences there is no redress. No chance to escape the approaching plunge into darkness. Fear is a word in which I no longer place any purchase. I have gazed directly into that most foul and evil place afore. Nearing first climax where my soul shall inevitably be tested my awareness increases by leaps and bounds threatening to spew out into the Grand Abyss. Lain out before my existence to feed the mocking cosmos. Unwilling to return me my past and plentiful riches. Fragments from a long shattered dream hang still in argent discontent. As feces I entered and shall re-engage, once found lacking. Broad lathering pools deep with the sorrow of nonexistence await my entering return to the glory of pestilence from which I was unwillingly launched. Nothing more than detritus hangs me onto the edges clinging. Returning me to that which I never wished initial escape. Twisting my resolve with sweet language hardly understood. Siren’s song enticing putrid inclusion with that most base. Seasons change faster than days now it seems with every pulse and ring of clanging inner thoughts which beat me down to nothingness. This was not my intended path promised so blithely unwinding. Firmament dissolves into blackness of naught stretched out below. Reaching forward to desperately grasp at life’s fleeting mirage. Tipping the balance dissenting to headlong orthogenetic decline. Surrender forbidden to me as final irretrievable mercy freely allowed all others before having followed this long suffering route to achieve.     James T. Randall, 2013.

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