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James T. Randall

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Coming soon to a repressive regime near you!
China's cracking down.
In an uncomfortable echo of the reeducation campaigns of Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution, Chinese President Xi Jinping has announced that artists, filmmakers, and TV staff will be sent to live and...
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James T. Randall

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From Dagie Brundert

"Ode an Juni / Ode to June 2 ... is online! 30 minutes long super 8!!
Every year I wait 11 months for my very beloved month – June. And once it's here it's gone. I want to hold fast to it. So I do what I can – film. Every day a little bit."

#super8film   #experimentalfilm   #experimentalfoto   #experimentalfotografie   #experimentalphoto   #experimentalphotography   #caffenol   #hqspphotography   #hqspphotoart   #hqspphotoartmanipulation  +HQSP Photo Art +HQSP Urban & Street Photos  #hqspurbanandstreetphotography  
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James T. Randall

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Happy Creative Political Propaganda Condensed Replacement for Harvest Festival Day!

Commence consuming at your leisure.

#fluxus   #performanceart   #pinhole   #photography   #hqspphotoart  +HQSP Photo Art 
"FLUXUS Performance Through a Pinhole, with Coffee: LUNCH” The Philosophy of Giving… • Turkey Club on Whole Wheat • Senior’s Seafood Club …Thanks.
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James T. Randall

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"Too Much Of A Good Thing?"

Made for the "Portrait of America" Mail Art call by +Moan Lisa 

#collage   #collageart   #portraitofamerica   #mailart  
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James T. Randall

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"Old World Goods"

British made Howdah style double barreled pinfire cartridge, bronze naval pistol c1853. Printed on expired 1971 Kodak paper from Ilford Delta 100 35mm film - both developed using Caffenol-CM(+i).

#caffenol   #photography   #monochromephotography   #monochromeworld  +Monochrome World  #hqspmonochrome  +HQSP Monochrome  #analogphotography   #analoguephotography   #filmphotography   #photographer   #10000photographersbwmonochrome  +10000 Photographers BW  #10000photographersbw   #blackandwhitefineartphotography   #blackandwhitefineartphotographygallery  +Black and White Fine Art Photography Gallery 
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James T. Randall

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My favourite "New" equipment!

c 1953 Ansco Shur-Flash 120 6x9 camera and matching Anscomatic bakelite developer tank and reel. I've made a replacement faceplate so that I can switch back and forth from the original fixed focus lens and pinhole photography. The first roll of film in this little unit turned out quite nice. I process all of my films and papers using a variety of Caffenol recipes.

#mediumformatphotography  +Medium Format Monday  #mediumformatmonday   #pinholecameras  +Pinhole Press  #pinholepress   #hqspmonochrome  +HQSP Monochrome  #caffenol   #pinhole  
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James T. Randall

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8x10” paper negative pinhole, contact print #3. Ilford MG-IV RC Deluxe Pearl paper. Developed with Caffenol CM(+i) [coffee]. Camera - cardboard box 8.25x10.25x12”, aperture 0.5mm pinhole in butyl tape. Negative 4:53:00 exp, 26:00 dev. Contact print 0:15 exp 19:35 dev.

#pinhole   #blackandwhitephotography   #blackandwhitefineartphotography   #blackandwhitefineartphotographygallery  +Black and White Fine Art Photography Gallery  #hqspmonochrome  +HQSP Monochrome  #caffenol   #longexposurephotography  +Long Exposure Photography +Long Exposure Fine Art Photography Gallery 100+ 
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Thank you very much +Tatiana Parmeeva!!!
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James T. Randall

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I always thought that one day I’d “get it” Naively believing that chronological age had something to do with understanding. As if Wisdom comes to one merely through the extensive repetition of life’s...
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James T. Randall

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     empiricus invadere
_ _ _ _ runs through my dream again 
Butting head and cape against reality
Robe stretched across drying stakes
to scrape away life's remains clean
I saw them once or twice as I grew
Romping across sage-grassed dunes
Breaking dotted landscape of steam
Mocked for caring by the one master
Masterful Death giver of life & time
runs away with his abducted brides
stolen from land for bone and hide
to feed soft-shirted men and swine
rent to quench industrial hunger
wasted stockpiles bleach behind
slowly melting under prairie snow

         ---That Hairy Canadian, 29/10/2014

Assemblage, Original Image title; "Earth Bone Sun", THC 2013

#vispo   #poetry   #digitalart   #buffalo  
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James T. Randall

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"Sunflowers Being Grown for Seed Sharing"

Taken with 1953 Ansco Shur-Flash fixed focus 120 6x9 medium format film camera. FUJI ACROS 100 film contact printed on vintage Kodak VELOX paper expired 1963 using a Liquorice/fennel-based Caffenol-M(+i) developer for both.

#caffenol   #photography   #monochrome   #monochromeworld   #monochromephotography  +Monochrome World  #hqspmonochrome  +HQSP Monochrome  #analogphotography   #analoguephotography   #filmphotography   #photographer   #10000photographersbw   #10000photographersbwmonochrome  +10000 Photographers BW  #blackandwhitephotography   #blackandwhitefineartphotography   #blackandwhitefineartphotographygallery  +Black and White Fine Art Photography Gallery 
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James T. Randall

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"The Other Look"

The girls from the UK band THRUSH! c1998. Printed from c-41 colour negative. Aged Astragalus-based Caffenol does wonders for the complexion. Printed on Ilford MG-IV RC Deluxe Pearl photo paper.

#caffenol   #analoguephotography   #analogphotography   #monochrome   #monochromephotography   #monochromeworld  +Monochrome World  #hqspmonochrome  +HQSP Monochrome 
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James T. Randall

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Slander! ...and other imagined personal injuries.

#slander   #collage   #targetpractice  
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imagined = ( in this sense) ingebeeld
lit: imaged in
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Emotional Roller Coaster Ride of Life The slow clicking internally charged clockwork pulls my carriage awkwardly, invariably upward towards the ever closer precipice I must engage. Once the ride commences there is no redress. No chance to escape the approaching plunge into darkness. Fear is a word in which I no longer place any purchase. I have gazed directly into that most foul and evil place afore. Nearing first climax where my soul shall inevitably be tested my awareness increases by leaps and bounds threatening to spew out into the Grand Abyss. Lain out before my existence to feed the mocking cosmos. Unwilling to return me my past and plentiful riches. Fragments from a long shattered dream hang still in argent discontent. As feces I entered and shall re-engage, once found lacking. Broad lathering pools deep with the sorrow of nonexistence await my entering return to the glory of pestilence from which I was unwillingly launched. Nothing more than detritus hangs me onto the edges clinging. Returning me to that which I never wished initial escape. Twisting my resolve with sweet language hardly understood. Siren’s song enticing putrid inclusion with that most base. Seasons change faster than days now it seems with every pulse and ring of clanging inner thoughts which beat me down to nothingness. This was not my intended path promised so blithely unwinding. Firmament dissolves into blackness of naught stretched out below. Reaching forward to desperately grasp at life’s fleeting mirage. Tipping the balance dissenting to headlong orthogenetic decline. Surrender forbidden to me as final irretrievable mercy freely allowed all others before having followed this long suffering route to achieve.     James T. Randall, 2013.

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