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3 months into 2017 and I haven't even run so much as a single game session!!!

Until very suddenly a complete in-person group of Grognards falls into my lap ready to play +Joseph Manola's Wicked City.

I have never been more excited? 

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Picked up The Peridot and a whooole bunch of Fight On!

Lulu Madness

25% Off Print Books: 6LZFHB4T
Free Mail Shipping: SHIPFEB17

These codes stack. SHIPFEB17 is only good until 2/12.

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Anyone else wondering what the Olms from +Patrick Stuart​ 's Stone-Sky-River-Place might look like? 

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Started out trying to draw Immortal Zyan but it sorta got corrupted by that city from Velvet Horizons ( I always forget the name). Zyan deserves another shot but I've been thinking about about the Goblin city of Gaxan (Kang?) looks like 

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Still in hospital, still fanarting cities - this one being +Joseph Manola​'s THE WICKED CITY: probably city I most want to use in all my games alla time. Having no architectural expertise means I did none of it justice - not the cobwebs nor the Maze and it's not really the wicked city w/o the statues on every corner but I think I sorta got the cloud castle maybe a lil? Immortal Zyan is next 

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Been in the hospital for a while so I've been doing amateur sketches of my favorite tabletop cities. Here's Patrick Stuarts Dwarven City without a Name. I'm not a visual artist but it's a thing to do. The lil black holes gave Hella cannons constantly firing. Hundreds of thousands of chains keeping the city from sinking into the hell mouth. I think the city would look really good falling to hell, of course the dwarves would sing the whole time. Il link to the Original post when I'm out but I'm sure everyone who's following me knows what I'm talking about. 
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How do you all organize all the goddamned material you have? Not counting the books, modules, and printed resources - but the hundreds of blog posts and santocores and pdfs and Fuck..At this point the massive heap of material I have is actually preventing me from starting a game - I have no system! 

Just found Patrick Stuart on Goodread... he's a lot hotter than I thought he'd be 

All i've read for the last 6 months has been poetry & DIY Tabletop books - I NEED SOMETHING DIFFERENT !!! ( or yeah maybe just more great DIY books)

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