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you can forget about being accepted by Adventist they are evil and once they feel you done wrong they treat you like a dog!
Good morning and greetings to one all.

Has anyone had to endure or witness the practice of 'shunning' within our communion?
I ask this question as I believe that I have been and I am still enduring this pain from many of our brethren within my local church.
In short, several years ago I was a high level executive and an influential and active layperson. I fell from Grace and was incarcerated for a short period of time for professional misconduct. I immediately returned to Christ whole heartedly, yet those who I deemed friends and fervent believers have distanced themselves from me. I am not being paranoid about this. I want to move on and engage in the Church activities but I am silently rebuffed and avoided.
I want to share with my church my powerful testimony which God enabled, I want to share with them the joys of how God used me to reach out and to give bible studies to drug dealers, murders, and the likes, and how for a time they saw Hope. I want to tell them how God bore, not just myself, but my family also on wings and carried us through this tumultuous experience. Yet, it would seems that no one cares or is concerned.

There is so much more which I would like to share about my testimony, and how much anguish I am currently suffering at the lack of true fellowship but I guess this may not be the correct forum.

How can Christ forgive me and accept me, yet those who are within the remnant church show very little compassion??

Please, only those who are sincere of heart respond to the two questions which I have put forth.

Thank you and God bless.
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