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I am really disappointed by the double-standards shown by Media and people; if a Muslim is charged with a crime, he is TERRORIST and Andres killed more than 80 in Norway and he is____????????
"Hum AAH bhi kare to hojate hai badnaam aur tum qatl karke bhi rehte ho gumnaam" - Even our screams make us blame-worthy and you remain unnoticed even after killing thousands. :'(
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I agree, the North American media were the worst at it. When they hadn't identified the killer they were all but certain this was the work of Muslim terrorists in general and Al Qaeda specifically. As soon as the gunman was identified as a conservative Christian, the terrorist angle disappeared and some even seemed to suggest that perhaps he had a point with his stance on immigration.

Of course, if he were in America, he would simply be a Republican.
bro there are hundreds of thousands of media
just one or two media using this
but see when any muslim suspect ....all media using "muslim terrorist"
even muslim terrorist in minority ....yet all world afraid about Muslims .....why ??
i'm not in favor of any terrorist .....
bcz Quran teachs us in chapter 5 verse 3 "whoever killed a human being except as a punishment for murder or for spreading corruption in the land— shall be regarded as having killed all mankind, and that whoever saved a human life shall be regarded as having saved all mankind.

by d way...thanks for info :-)
I think the problem is in how some people choose to interpret "spreading corruption in the land "
But then, there are plenty of Christians who interpret the bible in their own way to justify horrible behaviour.
It irks me though how this man transitioned in the media from terrorist to just a mass murderer as soon as it was discovered he's a Christian. 
Its just like, "Tum kiye toh Chamatkar", "Hum kiye toh Balatkar".
Islye tu kahte hai Duniya Momin keley qad khana hai aur kafar keley Janat
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