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João Luís Dutra Moutinho
Sempre desbravando .....
Sempre desbravando .....

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I am most interested in hiring the services of AppSheet, but still have some questions.
The month, for billing purposes, is contact thirty days from contract date, or is considered the calendar month? I want to know if by hiring the services on June 30 until July 15, I will pay for less than a month, or pay for two months, since it would have used the months of June and July?
I would like to confirm that hiring by user and unsubscribe all authorized users, if I can spend a period without using AppSheet and without making any payment.
I was testing the AppSheet. For this I created a form and fathered their respective app. After distributing it to 3 users, of which I (the creator), it worked perfectly. But after making a change, only my smartphone app works. Other (2 users) had a 404 Not Found, and 403 Forbiden errors. This was due to what? The lack of a contract plan?
Finally, I would like to know about the period between the contract and the start of availability of services.
Confirmed these doubts leave for immediate hiring.
Thanks for listening.

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