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Wendy Cohoon
Prove it to me and I'll change my mind.
Prove it to me and I'll change my mind.

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Such a sad state of affairs in the USA right now. I feel proud to be Canadian, reading stories like these, and heartsick for the people who have had to go through these situations. They incorrectly thought the USA was the greatest country in the world. Looks like our secret is getting out.

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In 1996, the last residential school in Canada was closed down, bringing to light horrifying stories about the methods used to sever indigenous children from the influence of their families and to assimilate them into the dominant "Canadian" culture. Over more than a century, tens of thousands of families were torn apart as children were kidnapped or forcibly removed from their homes

Residential schools were part of an extensive education system set up by the Canadian government and administered by churches with the objective of indoctrinating Aboriginal children into the Euro-Canadian and Christian way of life.

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Judge Doody said these items "could have been used to facilitate insertion of gold items inside his rectum", reports the Toronto Star.
[Some days i am such a child (^o^) ]

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Donaldtrumpi Moth

Because of its similarity in "hair" style.

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Film of a ruby seadragon taken last April from an ROV, off the coast of western Australia was just published Thursday.
The ruby seadragon was only discovered to be a new species in 2015.
There is just over 2 minutes of footage, taken in turbulent water.

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Stop in for a few minutes, and see the two home bots chatting, it's surprisingly curious.

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U-wing from Rogue One

I think I could make one of these.(?) I am just so impressed that he watches the movie and thinks, I could make one of those with origami. I don't know why, I do find inspiration everywhere for the crafts I am good at. 

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" This totally free ebook was written by our own David Dickinson and contains all the predictable events coming up: the occultations, the eclipses, the meteor showers, the equinoxes, the super-moons and mini-moons. Every significant event coming up in 2017."

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Surprise! It's a 6 foot tall baby Rothschild giraffe

it was a surprise to zookeepers when they arrived to work at the Chester Zoo in Britain on Boxing Day.

+Piera Coppola

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Beaver shopping for Christmas decor for lodge.

This happened at a Maryand Dollar Store at the end of November. I miss he really good news with my computer across the room being used for the tv.
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