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this is the greatest thing I've ever seen, tears of joy were shed. what a time to be alive! Emotional part starts around 41:00

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Did you know that Taxi Cab companies are trying to end Taxi Neutrality? They are saying that restaurants and bars are freeloaders profiting on their infrastructure, and they plan to drive customers to restaurants at 5mph unless that particular restaurant purchases a high speed customer transportation service from them. And that's in addition to the normal cab fare you already pay.

In addition, straw manufacturers are trying to end Straw Neutrality, arguing that juice bars are freeloading on their product, and want juice bars to pay them for a premium beverage suction plan for transporting lemonade from the glass to the customer's mouth.

Airlines also want to end air travel neutrality, arguing that touristic destinations and hotels are freeloading on their routes, and want hotels and vacation destinations to pay them to fly customers there. And that's in addition to the air fare you already pay, of course.

Do any of those sound absurd? Well, that's because they are all totally made up. I just invented them. But something very similar is happening on the Internet, and this one is true: internet providers are trying to end Net Neutrality using the exact same logic: web services will have to pay them to be able to provide a service to you. And that's in addition to the normal price you already pay for internet access.

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Xiaomi New Product Launch Event (Live): Photos of Mi Pad
The all new Mi Pad. NVIDIA TEGRA K1 Next-Gen Mobile Processor. CPU 2.2GHz 4+1 A15. GPU 192 Kepler. 802.11ac with 2X2 antenna. Expandable micro-SD slot supports up to 128GB. 6700 mAh battery for long lasting performance. Mi Pad features a 5MP front camera and 8MP rear camera (both F/2.0).  At only 360g, Mi Pad enables you to go mobile with ease. 16GB: 239USD  64GB: 272USD
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Photos of Xiaomi Mi Pad
12 Photos - View album

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"500 million EU citizens and still no pan-european media? Are we nuts?"

Here is the video of my speech about this question that I gave at the International Journalism Festival a few days ago. 

Some reactions to my speech: 
Eric Scherer, France Television:

Raymond Frenken, Spokesman European Banking Federation:

Dutch Media Innovation lab:

Summaries of my speech: 
A. Foederl-Schmidt, Chief Editor, Der Standard, Austria:

RAI, Italy:

IFJ Magazine, Italy:

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To boldly go where no man has gone before...

#tongueincheek   #startrek  

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Ist das Leben unerträglich, hilft dir dieses Angebot :-P 
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