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Dear all,

Once again I will be saluting my beloved Hamptons, goodbye to new and old friends, to my pretty little atelier on Main street in Westampton Beach, to the wonderful sunsets, to the sea breeze that inebriates me every my beautiful summer days!

I will still be open through Labor day: with my limited edition Hampton’s bags shown exclusively at the Hamptons Atelier. Here you can see a sneak preview from my last shooting on the beach (a place where I always get inspired) with childhood best friends wearing Jennifer's Summer look. Great fun for everyone hope you enjoy!

One of a kind luxurious handmade silk scarves and the Pachira stretch popplin dress with an added touch from Jennifer’s men's Fall leather collection.

September in Florence is a month full of interesting events beginning with the “Festa della Rificolona” to the “Wine Town” and more…especially at the JT Caffê where we have just welcomed on board Marzia Sassetti and her fresh handmade pasta creations. 
Marzia has worked for the last 6 years at the “Pitti Gola e Cantina” the best wine bar in Firenze and from this month on she will be delighting our guests with her creations...offering a small but delicious menu as you know…a fantastically tasty one too!

Good News: She will start her cooking classes for all our guests soon so stay tuned: ( )

The Festa della Rificolona, also known as the Festival of the Lanterns is one of Florence's biggest and most traditional festivals. On this day, which commemorates the eve of the birth of the Virgin Mary (though some say it the festival really took off as a local event after Florence's victory over Siena in 1555), young and old take part in a lantern parade, where hundreds of mostly hand-made lanterns are displayed, and there is also a boat parade along the Arno. The festival is accompanied by a large fair in Piazza Santissima Annunziata featuring street performers, food vendors, music, and more.

This all takes place in late September the time of wine tastings and wine related events: " Wine Town Firenze"… and who does't love a good glass of wine!

I do especially shared with good friends.  

Cheers !
Hope to see you all!


P.S. Oh don't forget after my September parenthesis I’ll be back in the US for my shows!

Save the dates by mailing me at or by visiting and clicking on the button below the invitations or by attending the event on Facebook. You will get a special appointment.
Fall-Winter 2014-2015 Seasonal Shows
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Finally online the new Fall Winter 15 Collection.

The warm embrace of cashmere and the softness of the leather high quality merge together with colors that recall the shades of the Tuscan country side, tones that go from autumn leaf light orangey/browns mixing throughout with accents of taupe earth,
falling in to light cream colors typical of the old Tuscan villa facades...

Shop now on

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Dear all,

I was sitting in my JT Caffé-Bistrot that I’ve just opened in Florence tasting a glass of beautifully colored red wine and I got inspired; resulting in adding this elegant new color to my Spring Summer Collection: the purplish red.
In my pieno fiore leather, with suede and nappa sides I saw all those wonderful tones and nuances that I had seen in my glass of dainty italian wine.

Recently I had a wonderfully long over due visit from my uncle Gus Clemens, author and wine expert there…so I thought I'd share some of his amusingly informative expertise on the latter with you… so here it goes if you are still reading…I will never pass up an opportunity to "fluff" up Gus's ego!
I wish you all a GREAT-GREAT-GREAT Summer ahead, see you all very soon maybe in front of a glass of good wine!

July Fourth 7-2-2014 by Gus Clemens
Fourth of July wine suggestions are fraught with patriotic paradoxes.
You can go historic and recommend Madeira from the Portuguese island. Madeira was wine Betsy Ross allegedly sipped sewing Old Glory, but Madeira I had a wonderful visit from my uncle Gus.
• Barefoot Chardonnay. Honey, peach, lemon, mandarin orange; smooth summer & pool play; not epic chard, but tasty, easy drinking value. $7is heavy, sweet, and high alcohol. Not suitable for the heat of patriotic parties.

You can go quintessentially American and recommend California zinfandels. Zin is Left Coast’s iconic contribution to wine, but it also is poorly positioned for Independence Day because it usually is hot-easily achieving 15-plus percent alcohol. Again, not optimal for outdoors in July.
This year, July Fourth means a long weekend and, probably, a serious fun-in-the-sun party. That calls for white and light, plus pleasing pours for a parade of palates. Gallo has a solution: Barefoot Wine. Barefoot caught the moscato wave in recent years to become the hottest cooler wine in the country. Moscato wines certainly are not sophisticated, but they can be delicious and, when well chilled, a wonderful pool and patio pour that pleases just about everyone. Barefoot also applies their formula to varietals and blends other than moscato. They are simple, sweet-to-slightly slightly sweet, crisp, sometimes with touch of fizz. Plus, they all cost less than a Hamilton ($10). God bless America. 
Tasting notes (a sampling, there are more Barefoot bottles than listed here):

• Barefoot Moscato. Barefoot’s big sweet selection; big fruit, peach, apricot, citrus tinge; light, lively; sweet but not overpowering, cloyingly sweet. $8 

• Barefoot Bubbly Red Moscato. Sweet sparkling; cherry, raspberry, orange; a sweet wine people who don’t like sweet wine can enjoy; bravo. $8

• Barefoot Refresh Crisp Red. Summertime winner; light, lively, sweet raspberry, cherry; pinot noir-pinot rosé-pinot grigio; pour over ice. $8

• Barefoot Merlot. Simple, cherry cola, some black fruits; soft, low tannin, no-offense pour that will not embarrass or make you poor. $5

• Barefoot Bubbly Brut Cuvée Sparkling Wine. Green apple, peach; clean, dry, nice acidity—will pair well with food; simple, affordable. $9

Last round: Definition of wine snob—someone who knows a little more about wine than you do. 

European approach to wine 7-9-2014 by Gus Clemens

Imagine a restaurant that pours wine as matter-of-factly as iced tea in a Texas steakhouse.
You don’t have to imagine. Go to Western Europe. Go to Italy.

I recently spent two weeks in Italy on the Amalfi coast and in Florence experiencing this ancient, refreshing view of vino.Prosecco is treated like a soft drink, table wine as iced tea. There was none of the show, pretense and expense of typical U.S. restauras o I.
The Amalfi coast (the mountainous coastline east of Naples) is not notedfor superior wines. But they make moderate alcohol quaffables, and you can quaff them lunch and dinner (did not try breakfast, but probably could) from pitchers placed at table without fanfare or wallet-walloping expense.
How refreshing, and an approach that would be welcome at local eateries. It would be innovative to have a drinkable house wine priced so you did not feel stupid when you ordered a glass knowing you could, for the price of the restaurant glass, buy almost an entire bottle of the same wine at a grocery store.
The European approach reinforces wine’s status as food, rather than as a pathway to booze buzz and restaurant profit. That is reason countries with the highest per-capita consumption of wine have the lowest per-capita incidence of alcoholism.
Italy, Spain, France, and the rest of Western Europe generally have the same attitude toward wine and meals. Scientists cite this as part of the “Mediterranean diet” and cause of “French Paradox.” It is not just casual, moderate wine consumption vegetables, fish, moderate ingestion of red meat play a big part—but the science is undeniable. They live longer. In my view from recent experience, happier, too.

Tasting notes:

• Torre Zecchei Prosecco Brut. Dry, clean, crackling acidity; citrus, apple, apricot; flower flutter finish; killer cocktail with Lillet (a French aperitif). $15
• Ruffino Riserva Ducale Oro Chianti Classico 2007. Rich, bright, tight; plum, berry, sour cherry, chocolate, earth, leather, oak; decant. $45
• Damilano Barolo Cannubi 2008. Inviting rose nose; massive, vibrant cherry, plum, raspberry, leather, tar; oak tannin; finishes forever. $85

Last round: A meal without wine is called breakfast. And even then…
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Finally online!
Discover a little preview of the new collection of men's shoes on

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Back from a short trip. 

Recently I went on a very short business trip to Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore...all in less than a week.

Honestly I think I spent more time on the planes than in talking with people. I carried my big woven bag which fits in everything. As always it was perfect: the weather was wonderfully hot so most of the work had to be done early. I received enthusiastic response for all my bags and leather line...I came back exhausted but thrilled with many more friends and inspirations. 

Back from my trip in Asia, all my passion was concentrated in preparing for the fashion show held in the Palazzo Pitti which at this time I would like to introduce.

"Evolutions and Emotions" 
The kimono becomes fashion.

In a prestigious setting of historical value two cultures meet: Japanese and Italian. Seemly very distant from each other they uniquely merged once again on the occasion of this special event. 

Forty original ancient kimonos were presented to the public, some valuable and ancient. They have been processed and adapted to our Western-style fashion, giving a new life to something wonderful and rare!

I was honored to be selected with other Western designers in this merger and transformation focusing on sophisticated and elegant garments fusing my classic styling with Japanese creativity. The occasion of the event was the 50th anniversary of the twinning between Florence and Kyoto. 

One of the organizers of the fashion show, Ms. Junko Fukui, a Japanese lady who has been living for years to Florence, wrote: "... I had the idea to rework the traditional Kimono fabrics, turning them into western clothes concentrating on emerging both cultures with the the end result: perfect for both everyday life as well as for special occasions.

The charm of the beautiful silks and various fabrics, hand-made, has remained intact in each model creatively different from one another. They can be stylishly worn today by a woman of elegance and style on any occasion… "
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For Spring / Summer 2014 express elegance with an Italian accent marked and unmistakable: discover our sandals on!

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Dear All,

as I promised here is the new release of my website.

The idea was to refresh with a new functional aspect. I want to to show you more of the new look of JENNIFERTATTANELLI.IT: so here it is!

A mixture of perfume and poetry combined with functionality: this is the new JENNIFERTATTANELLI.IT.

As for the whole section man and small leather goods you still have to wait a few months. We're still 
fine-tuning everything so as to offer a service varied, vibrant, interesting and above all efficient!

I am also preparing a collection for your living room with high quality leather goods completely customizable. Stay tuned!

As for the method of payment you will have the full reliability to purchase directly through the website as we use the method of payment which to date is the safest in the world, PayPal.

If you have any difficulties, questions, curiosity you can always rely on my customer service team; we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible to assist you to the fullest.

In addition, the first 10 customers who purchase directly from the new website will receive a surprise gift designed and meticulously hand-crafted. I hope you like it!

Nice surfing!

Hope to see you soon in Florence...


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Dear all, 
Spring is finally in Florence, it is finally time to wear sandals and bright colors!
Come and discover the springtime arrivals on
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