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Windstream, formerly Lifehacker
Windstream, formerly Lifehacker

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Does anyone know of a way to import Markdown into Google Docs and keep the formatting intact? I typically write blog posts on my iPad in Byword using Markdown, but copying and pasting Markdown into GDocs is a mess and iOS Byword does not have an 'Export to Rich Text' option like the desktop app does.

I'm also open to a different iPad plaintext app that I can use to export Markdown easily into GDocs and work on the 12.9" iPad Pro. Would Ulysses do this?


For all of my various productivity tools, I don't have a good workflow for capturing/organizing all of the random ideas I have on a daily/weekly basis. Right now, they just sit in my Drafts inbox and I'm not happy with this arrangement as I can't access the notes from my Macbook. For a while, I added each new idea to Omnifocus as a task, but then everything gets thrown into Someday/Maybe and I only have access through Omnifocus.

The ideas need some sort of categorization/tagging as I have story notes, business project ideas, blog post ideas, recipe ideas, networking ideas, etc.

What I'd ideally like to do is find a solution to export those notes from Drafts somewhere I can tag them, add media (MindMaps, sketches, etc) if necessary, and keep them organized until Omnifocus tells me to sort through them.

It seems like Evernote would be good for this, but I've never been much of an Evernote user, and a lot of people seem to be leaving that service. Right now, I keep all of my notes in nvALT on my Mac and use Notesy on iOS to access those notes, but I can't include media, only plain text/Markup. Should I convert from nvALT to Apple Notes? Is DevonThink something I should look into?

What I want is a good staging area to keep these ideas to get them out of my capture systems (Drafts, Omnifocus) and keep them contained until I develop them into actual work. I need it accessible by iOS and MacOS and bonus points if it groks MultiMarkdown and OPML.

My current tools: Omnifocus, TextExpander, Hazel, Scrivener, MindNode, nvALT, Unclutter.


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I really like the community here, but I'm not a fan of the Google+ experience. If anyone reading this is a Redditor, please consider visting and saying hello. Cheers!

Is Command-C still the recommended app for sharing clipboard items between iOS and OSX? The iOS reviews indicate that there have been a lot of issues with the app in 2015. 

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I received a few notifications of price drops this morning and found this site that lists 20 apps at a pretty big discount including many mentioned on MPU like TextExpander Touch, Launch Center Pro, etc.. I'm not affiliated with the site but thought it was worth noting.

Does anyone know how Scanner Pro and PDF Pro compare to the offerings from Smile software? Scanner Pro for $0.99 looks promising. 

I'm looking to buy and/or build a NAS/Media server solution. It seems like the standard MPU solution is to buy a Drobo and run Plex. I'm open to that, but I wanted to see if there were any other good options as well. I'm hoping to scoop up something on Cyber Monday. 

This would be used by an Apple TV 4, 2 Macbooks, 3 iPads, and 2 iPhones to store/serve video/music and act as a backup for my family. I'd probably never have more than 3 streams running concurrently, probably at least 1 or 2 of those from an iPad from my children.

Is there a way in Plex to filter content by rating so my 12 year-old can't access R-rated movies on his iPad or is it an all-or-nothing scenario.

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Yep, I'm a sellout.

I find that a lot of really powerful keyboard shortcuts use three-key combinations, but I'm finding I have a lot of trouble remembering keyboard shortcuts that use three-keys (other than Ctrl + Cmd + Del from my Windows background). I wanted to ask if anyone here has any tips on committing new keyboard shortcuts to memory (muscle memory and/or gray matter). 

Is it advisable to get started in OmniFocus with only the iPhone app? I don't want to purchase the Mac app before version two comes out.

I downloaded the Mac app public beta, but it seems like that needs to be reinstalled daily and as a new user I'm not sure if the resources out there to learn OmniFocus (such as David Sparks' screencasts) are applicable to version 2. To be honest, I haven't gone any further than setting up the OmniSync server yet after installing the beta. 
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