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+1s do not imply endorsements.
+1s do not imply endorsements.

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I already do this but no reason not to make it easier.
10k votes needed. Support the idea for D&D LEGO!

My favorite thing about the new G+ layout is that it makes it hard to use Hangouts rather than having it built in.

I won the Jumbo Cactpot!

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I play mostly war games so this seems reasonable.

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Today I was thinking about Potterverse and Pokemon and I have concluded that the Pokemon world is what would happen if the Potterworld's magical peoples and creatures integrated with the mundanes.

I wish Netflix Daredevil was in the same world as Leverage with Matt's childhood injury taking place while the crew was active and in the first scene adult Matt appears in the church the priest is Father Paul 20 years later.

CP was adjusted for lots of pokeman in the last update. Some of it makes sense (Jolteon getting buffed) some of it seems like just making weak guys weaker (poor Wigglytuff) but one thing stands out as a 'bwah?' moment.

Why did Vaporeon get a 10% increase. Its already the best of the commons and now its better than all my rares too.

I watched the GitS trailer and I am not excited about it. It looks like its combining the anime movie and the first arc of Stand Alone Complex which are some of my favorite things ever.

I'm not keen on Black Widow as the Major since I patently don't agree that she's the best actress of her generation as the director has claimed. I do think she's a better choice than Margot Robbie but Chiaki Kuriyama would have made my day.

Beat Takeshi as the Chief is cool at least and Euron Greyjoy as Batou could go either way.

The trailer itself didn't help with any of this. It felt really flat to me.
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