#GuessTheCar  - Rules

Yesterday (19th December) I got some content for +Ford Motor Company which I'll be sharing as a "Guess the car" game over the next few days. Some are easy, some less so. 

I'll share "Guess The Car" posts with a hash tag and link to these "rules". 

Guess which car it is! Post your guess in the post comments. 

Once the correct answer has been guessed commenting will be turned off on the post and the person with the correct answer credited in the post.
Note: The page can only "mention" people who've circled the page. Those that haven't will have their name just as text. 

I'll also add links to the series of posts and credit the people who guessed correctly here.

That's it! Have fun.
Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

1: Ford Anglia goo.gl/RlLkv guessed by +Lukáš Fiala

2: Ford Corsair goo.gl/k1vRx guessed by +Oliver Andrews and +J Dartt 

3: Ford Escort goo.gl/vNohy guessed by +James Field and +António Pedro Neves 

4: Lotus Cortina goo.gl/N9uuJ guessed by +Fábio Pereira and notable mentions going to +Andi Kravljaca +António Pedro Neves +Darren Jones who were almost there. 

The last two will be played out slightly differently, with comments and sharing left on. So people can share if they wish. 

5: Ford GT goo.gl/S7ie1 guess at a blistering pace by +jesse Fernandes 

6: Ford Model T goo.gl/JY3iq was not used as a "guess the car" but as a "Happy Holidays" post instead.

Note: All the "Ford Christmas Sparkles" images can also be found in this Flickr set: flickr.com/photos/fordeu/sets/72157632274619029
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