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Robert Wallis
Day job in social. Views are my own. Google+ Top Contributor
Day job in social. Views are my own. Google+ Top Contributor

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Can you answer to the following question ...

When you are looking at a profile on Google+ do you know if it's a Brand Profile or a Standard Profile?

That is the question!

Google has made Brand Profiles and Standard Profiles visually indistinguishable.

For me that is a big problem. I think it's also a problem for you.

I will be making posts on that topic in this Collection.

If you would like to be part of that conversation please follow this Collection.

Thanks 😀

If you aren't sure what the problem is feel free to ask. 

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I still dig out Vignette for Android every now and then.

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I spent Sunday trying to get some shots at London Fashion Week.

I was amazed at the number of snappers, both pro and hobby that were parked outside some of the events. The amount of gear.

Were you there? Or is that something you'd like to do at some point? 

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I'm sure there will be a couple of people in the building who are into fashion? 

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London Agency chatter on Twitter

This is a twitter list run by the +Happening London twitter handle.

What I find interesting from a "social" perspective is that none of the agencies on the list subscribe to it.

They would have been notified that they were added.

I would have thought that subscribing to the list from the agency handle would be "preferable" to following all the other agencies. 

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Me & +Gus Moreira at Google Dublin

From one of the Google TC meetups. 

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Happy Birthday +Catherine Chung!

Yummy chocolate cake made by the lovely +Gina MacCarthy.

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Remember Google Podium?

I haven't really seen these enough in search results to convince me that Google was still moving ahead with Google Podium.

But I guess it still is.

I'm shooting some fashion stuff tomorrow hence finding this in search. 

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Dear +Google+, please could you add a "Who can comment" setting for a Public collection.

Pretty please. 🙌

I've mentioned this in comments before, but I think a visual mockup explains what I mean better.

I would like this to be available for each public Collection. 

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#Joinindaily 'eyes'
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