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Katherine O'Brien
Writer by trade; writer by aspiration.
Writer by trade; writer by aspiration.

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At the Café...
Sitting outside the café with the
sun on her face and the cracked pavement beneath her feet, she could feel the
desolation and despair creeping in like an unwelcome intruder. She tried so hard to fight
it back, but Heather’s willpower and her heart were at ...

Thank you Google for giving me visual proof that I only ever get promotional emails. I mean, I knew I had no life, but geez...I didn't need the proof.

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My favorite bit o'words that I have read today:

The earliest citation for trick out in the OED comes from 1822: “I must trick out my dwelling with something fantastical.”

Read the full text here: 
--brought to you by mental_floss!

Anybody have an opinion on Invisalign? Just got back from a very positive second opinion on ortho treatment...and I'm leaning toward getting my daughter Invisalign. Thoughts?

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This is too cool!
Dave Matthews breaks down on bicycle, gets a ride to his concert from fan

A woman on her way to see the Dave Matthews Band perform in Hershey, Pa., on Saturday stopped her car to help a stranded bicyclist — and in the process saved the very rock show she was going to see.

Read more: Photo: CBS 21 News via Facebook

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"In The Half-life of Facts*: Why Everything We Know Has an Expiration Date (public library) — the same fascinating volume that explored how Gutenberg’s press embodied combinatorial creativity and the predictable patterns of how knowledge grows — Samuel Arbesman illustrates how error spreads by debunking the Popeye mythology through the curious story of the scientific error that precipitated the misconception."

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The seriousness of disregarding bodily autonomy.

This is one of the best presented arguments in favor of pro-choice I've ever read.  

By saying a fetus has a right to someone's body parts until it's born, despite the pregnant person's wishes, you're doing two things:

1) Granting a fetus more rights to other people's bodies than any born person.

2) Awarding a pregnant person less rights to their body than a corpse.

I can't say it's any surprise to me that pro-lifers anti-abortionists feel this way about pregnant women. 

Passed my motorcycle test! Woot!

Failed attempt number 100 to park in the parking space facing the angel statue at my fave coffee shop.


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Good morning!

#starwars #coffetime
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