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I'm curious to know, Mark, if you remember experimenting with a similar idea when you were in college. We used a variant of Hugh Kenner's program Travesty to produce a CDC Cyber tech manual passage in the style William Faulkner would have used to write it.

More info at
In related news I understand that Charles Stross is training a Markov chain with the King James Bible and H P Lovecraft.  And maybe a CLOS manual because why not?

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Is it the thing for illustrating colorblindness?
Why is cud in my android library? Do I milk cows now?

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Is anybody else fed up with the stupidity of "A Google A Day"'s interface? This is not the first time that I have typed the correct answer into the box, then had it tell me it's wrong, and show me how to find the exact same answer I typed...

This one, BTW, was a no-brainer since today is Klimt's birthday.
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