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Ishan Singh
Doctor Who Fan Don't Blink! #FTEXTI.S.
Doctor Who Fan Don't Blink! #FTEXTI.S.

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Hello, And welcome to my profile.
I am Ishan and i know quiet a lot of people now, on Google plus.

My Interests are-

-Doctor Who (Die hard fan)

-Gaming (Counter Strike Mainly)

-Funny Things (Everything funny)

-Space Science

-Technology (Google, Latest Gadgets)

-Warfare and Weaponry

-Automobiles (BMW i8, BMW7 series)

-Historical Monuments (The Taj Mahal)

I am an owner of 3 Communities and 4 collections.
Here are some links you should cheak

Doctor Who-

Funny Little things-

Funny Texts- ο»Ώ

The Fantastic Cars-

And here are some people you might want to follow

+Vishnu Bhattacharyya​​​​​​​
+Vidal Dcosta​​​​​​​
+Moniraj Chowdhury​​​​​​​
+Mohini Radha​​​​​​​
+Tianna Southern​​​​​​​
+xXAuDiJaHXx The boss​​​​​​​
+Sofia Messina​​​​​​​
+Jeffrey Wong​​​​​​​
+Rem Wolf​​​​​​​
+Kartikay Chaudhary​​​​​​
+Abdullah Maner​​​​​​
+Sandra M Gay​​​​​​
​+Yash Agarwal​​​
+β€’ Klëø ‒​​

They were the people who were very good to me.

Things you will find on my profile-

You will mainly find posts regarding doctor who, humor, science, Automobiles and technology here.

I am trying to reach 500 followers now..

And yeah, People you're the best! Thanks for visiting my profile i hope you like it.


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Watch the second episode of s10 'smile" on this link-
Be careful it has a lot of adds. it will open a few adds in new tabs before loading just close them until the video starts.

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I don't know what made me laugh at thisο»Ώ

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you can stream the new episode pilot here. It's free, simple and has just a few addsο»Ώ

For those who could not see the new episode Pilot, stream it here it's free and has just a few adds +Mohini Radha​-ο»Ώ

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the cockroaches in the earth are very scary :( i have to leave outο»Ώ
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Might be useful at nightsο»Ώ
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