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Ian Jefferies
Software engineering | Technologist | Rotary engine enthusiast | Trackhead
Software engineering | Technologist | Rotary engine enthusiast | Trackhead

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A harrowing description of the events at Grenfell.

Deeply moved by the courage, bravery, and determinism shown by our emergency services.

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Water droplets floating on water
Smarter Every Day just keeps on giving. An unusual looking phenomenon that is as beautiful as it is strange.

I've deliberately started the video at 10:30 where a cello is playing music into a bubble of water with a bubble of air inside it, while in zero gravity on the International Space Station. Beautiful!

If you want to find out how and why this works then rewind to the beginning...

(Edit: it seems that G+ doesn't recognise the start point at 10:30, so click on the links instead).

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The man behind the angry Jonathan Pie
Quite possibly you don't want to watch a serious political interview that touches on identity politics, the Trump election outcome, and the polarization of politics.

The underlying point about listening to the other side, even if you don't like it, is a fascinating back story to the origin of Pie though.

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Magic Roundabout in Swindon, England
One of the craziest roundabout designs.

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Hard metrics in sociology
I'd never heard of Campbell's Law before. Having lived through the political changes in education that show improvement in the education system, by "more students getting A's", shows what hard metrics can do to create issues rather than solve them.

At university I saw students, from Sixth Form at the age of 18, entering into an education system that hadn't moved the bar at the end of that 3 year journey. Catch up course work became the norm, filling in the gaps, even after only 7-8 years had passed since I'd done the same course.

Doing a hard science meant that missing foundations can't be glossed over when degree level coursework progress at the rate of a ~100 year old Nobel Prize each week.

So messing with education, for political reasons, causes more harm than good.

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DocuSign email addresses compromised
I've had a fair few of these phishing emails over the past few days, though only on one account with DocuSign.

Be careful out there.

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E-book sales down
Electronic device tiredness is mentioned as a cause.

But charging more for the e-book than the physical item has to be a factor as well.

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That makes so much more sense now.

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On the difference between free speech and suppression of ideology
Human rights have been very much the subject of discussion. You can hardly have missed this, unless you have really been living as a hermit for the past few decades.

Leaving aside the need for human responsibilities, that don't seem to get quite the same voice, this article draws out the elements of accepting free speech that are the most uncomfortable.

Free speech does not grant the ability to suppress ideology. Otherwise it isn't free speech.
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