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Gary Smith
Love to share it with me!
Love to share it with me!


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We created a new FB Cover video using #sweet #videocover

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Check out his great list - we're proud to be included!

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What will you do for $5?

We're surfing around the FB castle walls and find some kool stuff. Meet Brian Shriver - he's in our group. We rang him up for a Q and A.

Got something you think would make a good story? We're just a PM away!

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Looking to get into the home inspection business?

* Get Hired
* Add Your Resume
* Review Your Resume
* Get Notifications

* Find Talent
* Free Listing (limted time)
* Read Resumes
* USA/Canada

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Charles found an interesting one.

I don't see this often. (prolly because I don't do a ton of older homes). Almost everything you see here is holding water...if you can't see why (obvious in the picture), read more.

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ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) Co-Founder Ken Austin - 1932-2016 - Inspection industry loses key founding member.

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My home is on a hill. But my neighbors have gutters. We don't! Do you think we need gutters?

#gutters #advice #foundation

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You're back home for the holidays and get a request to replace a failed GFCI receptacle in the hall bathroom. After a little investigation you notice the home has a 2-wire system without a ground wire. Will that GFCI provide ground-fault protection?

Take the Quiz Here

#GFCI #ElectricalSafety #Handyman #remodeling #homebuilder

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Good tip from Bob Elliott over in our Facebook Group:
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