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Advertising your business to your local supermarket shoppers is one of the most effective and affordable methods to promote your name, image and message to your targeted audience. How so? Supermarket advertisements, such as “Welcome Centers”, which are billboards featured at the entrance of the store or “Brand Bars”, which are grocery dividers placed on all checkout lanes, are guaranteed to be seen by the thousands of customers who continuously visit their local supermarket at least 2-3 times weekly for an average of 40 minutes. Unlike other forms of media advertising, supermarket advertising allows for high exposure, repetition and targeting.

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The Brand Bar is InMark Media’s newly designed and innovative grocery store divider. This advertising tool brings guaranteed exposure to our client’s target markets. Want to target locally? There’s no better place to advertise than in your local supermarket.

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Supermarket advertising is an innovative and localized form of brand advertising that distinguishes a company from its competitors. Advertising, since the beginning of print publications, is an important tool for companies to expose their products to their markets. But, with the out dating of print came the out dating of print advertising.
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