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Thomas Bassetto
Software Engineer at Cisco & Google Developer Expert Web Technologies. French accent. Quantified Self enthusiast.
Software Engineer at Cisco & Google Developer Expert Web Technologies. French accent. Quantified Self enthusiast.

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Twitter is down at the moment, so I am complaining on Google+.

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It's now online! Happy to join the Google Developer Expert program for Web Technologies :) #gde #oslo

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Google+ sharing is kind of "broken". Below is a screenshot of my timeline this morning... It would be nice to merge shares somehow.

/cc +Malte Ubl ?

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François is available for hire!
It's 2013 and as previously said, it's time to get back to work with real people. I have updated my resume this afternoon and I'd like to share it here, first.

You know me, I'm an enthusiastic person when it comes to Google Chrome related stuff. That's why I'm eager to find a job of web developer where I could meet these requirements:

- Work with upcoming friends
- Learn every day
- Use my Google Chrome knowledge

Please let me know if you think I could fit in your company. And I would appreciate a lot if you could share this post to your developers friends.

My resume is publicly available at

I'll keep you updated about what's coming next for me.

To be continued

Previously on Francois' life:

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Tomorrow is Pwnium 2 and I'd like to bring a small contribution to this huge event since I won't be able to be in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

I created a tiny Chrome Extension named "It's a trap!". The goal of this extension is to make people more aware of permissions extensions require when you install them.
Usually, we just say "yes" and that's pretty much it. It's a pretty bad behaviour in my opinion and since we cannot take a look at the code before installing it, it means one guy must be screwed to alert the other ones ;)

This extension asks for the permission "pageCapture" which basically lets the extension access the content of pages you visit.
Problem comes when you merge this permission with the "idle" permission (which does not raise any warning by the way) : you can open some tabs while the user is not looking at his computer, save the content and upload it to an evil server.

"It's not a trap!" does not implement the last step and lets you see how it handles with some examples : your facebook friends, your android apps and some countries you visited.

Go give it a try at and spread the word!


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It's gonna be awesome ;)
We just sent a big update by email about our new speakers and the workshop day: 3 new speakers, regular tickets sold out, a few late bird tickets available and a new Workshop Day on Saturday, December 1st!
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