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Dibha Ardesia D. (MIAAO)
I...AM...NO ONE... -_-
I...AM...NO ONE... -_-

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Work in progress (p.s. sorry for other being as active as I used to but life's becoming harder each day... hope you're all well though x)

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THIS IS SERIOUSLY SOMETHING TO NOT MISS!!!! Please guys check it out and subscribe :) +Sunita Bhattacharya +Priyankush Neymar Dutta +Sumana Sainath +Utkarsh Singh +BuNnY Raibole +Muma. +Romance Dhali +Rupa Sengupta +Vidhi Somani +Milli Chakraborty 

Hey Arijitians all over the world,
i was just seeing all your posts and i can say that there's a lot
of love towards Arijit from all of you ! Unfortunately i can't select
nobody as moderator. For me all Arijitians are equal in this community. Hope you guys will understand what i meant.
P.S I have a request for all of you guys, Please post some stunning  pictures of Arijit so that we can select one of those for a new profile pic of the community.
Till then, Keep singing, Keep Rocking and stay tuned Arijit Singh 4ever!

Happy Women's day to all of you ladies 💜 Love you . Proud to be born on this day.
Dibha Ardesia.

Hello Arijitians,
I am extremely proud to say that we reached 1K plus members in the community. Well done guys!
The presence of all of you with your posts has made this little  community one of the most charming and fascinating in Google plus.
We are in the number one position and i hope, we hope that we will remain so.
I apologize for my less presence due to some busy factors, I hope you guys will understand. And what to say? Thanks a TON!
Keep Singing, Keep rocking and stay tuned with us!
Arijit Singh 4ever!

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Guys! Latest news is that Arijit sung a song in the film ROY which is called SOORAJ DOOBA HAI ! Enjoy it.

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My sister just did my hair like Deepikaaaaa!!!! <333

Okay Arijitians, the pic of the community will be the last pic posted by Agam Shah! :) Thanks for the collaboration guys!
Keep rocking.
Arijit Singh 4ever!

Hello beautiful arijitians! Today I'd like 2 ask you all to give me your best pic of Arijit...So that we can keep it as profile pic of the community(It will be edited,obviously!) .
Keep rocking:)
Dibha Ardesia.

Hello Arjunholics! Community profile pic changed
Share your opinion :)
Dibha Ardesia.
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