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Web hosting, e-mail, PHP, MySQL, high quality, fast, cheap, friendly, UK, domains
Web hosting, e-mail, PHP, MySQL, high quality, fast, cheap, friendly, UK, domains

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If you use Firefox, here are some tools you'll want to be using to keep your site safe from hackers.

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Don't let your JavaScript be the bottleneck in your site, with this handy guide and 14 tools to crunch, shrink and squeeze your scripts and decrease your page load time.

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Is your domain name safe from theft?

Host your site with us and get free identity protection, automatic registry lock and most importantly, human intervention from our UK staff on every transfer request.

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Your domain name is where your web site starts, for you and your visitors. Choose wisely!

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We're extremely excited to release our new Customer Control Centre to all of our customers!

View and manage every aspect of your web and e-mail accounts, billing, stats and more on-line from our easy to use interface that speaks plain English.

We want to set a new standard for ease of use of our products, so we're always open to suggestions for improvement.

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Look at it go!  The internet is moving at an incredible rate and because your customers won't wait while your site loads, we put huge emphasis on making sure your site is served up faster than the rest.

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On April 8th, it was discovered that there was a serious programming error within OpenSSL - the software responsible for the majority of secure web connections on the internet, endangering encryption keys and data of SSL (https), connections everywhere. This means anyone could read passwords and other private information from vulnerable servers.  There is more information about the bug at the link below.

At Gradient Hosting, we have patched our servers and had our SSL certificates reissued, preventing any exploit of our services, however because this vulnerability has been possible for up to 2 years and because abuse of it is almost impossible to detect, you should change all of your passwords both with us and with any other web site, especially those which keep sensitive information of yours, such as bank details or address details.

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Scotland To Get Its Own ‘.scot’ Top-Level Domain Name

Scotland has been awarded the top level Internet domain, .scot, to promote and serve the needs of the world-wide Scottish community.

A Scottish Government spokesperson welcomed the news, saying: “This domain will offer a branding tool for businesses, giving them the opportunity to clearly identify themselves as Scottish if they so wish.

The new domain registration is expected to open in time for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games in July.

If you're interested, send us a message and we'll make sure you're updated when dates and prices are confirmed.

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Do you get a lot of spam through your web site's contact or support form?

You can stem that flow completely by adding a CAPTCHA to your site.

A CAPTCHA is an interactive test to determine whether your web site visitor is a real person or a computer program trying to send you spam.  A person will be able to read and enter the words or numbers, but a program won't, leaving you with just valid contact attempts to read.

You have probably seen them used elsewhere on the internet and using Google's reCAPTCHA is very simple, secure and best of all, free!

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The date has been announced!

From 10th June this summer, you will be able to register the new .uk second level domains with us, such as and for the same price as other .uk domains!

If you own an existing .uk domain (, etc.), you are immediately eligible to register the .uk equivalent.

Just send us an e-mail on or use the order form on our site and we'll get it registered and added to your account as soon as they become available.
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