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Social Media Consultancy. Strategic Planning, Management & Training.
Social Media Consultancy. Strategic Planning, Management & Training.

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Are you using video yet to get your message(s) out?

Here is my first, of several, video tips!


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You can now schedule your Facebook Group posts right in your groups on Facebook!

#facebookupdate #FBgroupupdate

How To Schedule a Facebook Group Post, natively in Facebook!

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How To Grab Your Video Audience's Attention | More In Media | Social Media Consulting, Speaking & Management

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How #Video Will Make You a Better Networker | More In Media

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“Manslaughter via text” case may be lesson for teens & parents

#communication #socialmedia

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“What entrepreneur does not want to make more money? The question is how to do it.

While there are exceptions, of course, in my experience and observation, the amount of money you make is usually directly related to the size of the problem you are solving for your client or customer, the barriers to entry to getting into the business, and how many other people are willing and able to solve the problem you’re looking to solve for your prospective customers. These factors are particularly important when it comes to service businesses, which is what we’ll focus on here."

#entrepreneur #smallbusiness #profit

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Why Your Business Needs A Website >>> Lots of reasons and a special deal to get yours for a steal!

More In Media | Social Media Consulting, Speaking & Management

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Are you in charge of planning an event?
Are you thinking about hosting an event and you don't know where to start?
Are you in the process of marketing your event and you are looking for inspiration?

Read this! >>> Event Marketing Wisdom from 12 Social Media Experts - lots of well known experts and someone in orange glasses!

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95 Experts Reveal Their 3 “Must-Do’s” for Solopreneur Success - Solo Build It! Blog - Proven Real-World Advice for Solopreneurs

Hit 'like' when you recognize someone...!

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“There comes a time for most of us when the social media overload we’ve been dealing with just isn’t sustainable any longer.

When that breaking point happens, most of us start looking for solutions to make managing social media easier and quicker.

The worst thing one could do to free up time is to just stop posting to social media — an option that some people (unfortunately) think is the only solution. Because there is another option and it is an easy enough fix to free up some valuable time better spent.

This is where social media post schedulers come in.”

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