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North Island, Adieu Bali, Hello!
As I'm sitting on the Airport in Auckland waiting for my flight to Denpasar to strart I decided to write a last resume about my trip. I finished my travels on the North Island and the first bilance is pretty awesome, 3.5 months of travelling made a resulta...

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The Hitchhiking Trip
Tuesday morning checkout time: ready to leave Tauranga..! But where? Fabi and I decided to hitchhike around and see something on the North Island. Having a great adventure without any plan. Awesome! While eating breakfast we discussed whether fixing a desti...

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Tauranga Central Backpackers
Wellington and girls adieu, Tauranga hello! Hard step but necessary. I've spend my last day with my awesome ladies in a national park end enjoyed a real good dinner. It was perfect. Käsespätzle and a Chocolate Tart :) Somebody should say we wouldn't cook......

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Wellington - living our dream!
A flat, a place for christmas, a job, a good car, friends around you...that is our dream!   Staying at Jasons fancy house (Couchsurfing) with other Couchsurfers - amazing cooks! - we got a perfect welcome in the capital. The next morning Mira received a tex...

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From Auckland to Wellington
Travelling in our new car with our new member Mira is gonna be an adventure :) We are ready to go down to Wellington, find a flat and a Job. But first of all we stopped in Rotorua - the stinky town. There are mud pools and geysirs that make Rotorua smelling...

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Auckland Citylife
Back to the City! Auckland for a Saturday night! Wuhuu :) Our to do list for Auckland: - Go out on a Saturday night - Sell Marina's Car - Buy a new car - Pick Mira up - LEAVE! We made it all! So after cleaning my car and setting the add everywhere we stayed...

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The Silence of Northland
Yeah! 2weeks vacation! :) Starting our trip from Raglan to Whangarei with a flat tire that we inflated at all the gasstations, we finally arrived in Bamber House for a stop-over.. On a Sunday afternoon with public holiday following we three clever^^ ladies ...

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Hobbiton Movieset, wahuii :)
Starting with the Hobbit Movienight on Friday we wanted to get into the Hobbit - Mood. Somehow we all made it so fall asleep while watching it. So I have never seen the whole Hobbit. (quite sad..) 26/10/2013:  finish work get a one-minute-shower, grab a few...

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Pakoka River Station
Arriving at the Pakoka River Station - the farm I've already been in September - feels like coming home. I know where everything is, know the people and most important: I have my ladies with me. Pretty nice :) but as it is really dirty in the house we start...

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Raglan Backpackers
After the hostel tour from cutie-receptionist 'Aron' Catherine and
I were eating. Guess what, that's our passion!! ;-) Then again, to
„burn calories“ we went out for kayaking. That is exhausting arms were burning ! We were waiting for lovely Melissa...
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