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Ooo, we haven't done one of these in a while! What book has been on your shelf or in your TBR pile the longest, and why haven't you gotten around to reading it?
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YA Diversity Book Club turns 1 year old this month! Here's what I've learned from a year of seeking diverse reads. (Also, giveaways!)
To celebrate, Teen Lit Rocks and the Reading Date are giving away a bunch of amazing books. DO NOT WALK RUN RUN RUN to their sites and enter for your chance to win! And since you're already clicking around, please head on over to YADBC's new Tumblr and Twitter accounts too.
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Nova Ren Suma is a master.
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Remember those amazing author events we were telling you about? We went to a couple of them! Here's what went down...

ft. Renee Ahdieh, Carrie Ryan, Robyn Schneider, Maggie Lehrman, Margo Rabb, Megan Miranda, Gwenda Bond, Megan Shepherd (cc Epic Reads, ‪#‎DangerousLadies‬)
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Going way, waaaay back... to some of our childhood faves! (Soon to be the current generation's faves too?)
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Recap of our YA Diversity Book Club pick for August!
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Over the weekend I visited Chicago with a girl friend, and we popped into the Chicago Cultural Center on Michigan Ave. I had been in this building before to admire the two gorgeous domes (one done by Tiffany's!) but somehow I had missed these wonderful bookish quotes.
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Today we're talking about the best friends, siblings, and other great side characters! Inspired by the latest #YADiversityBookClub  pick, UNDER A PAINTED SKY by Stacey Lee.
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On the amazing books by Stephanie Kuehn, as well as a great discussion on heroes/anti-heroes. Who are your faves?
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A couple quotes from the great Rainbow Rowell. <3
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What book on your shelf right now have you owned the longest without getting around to reading it? Why haven't you read it? Kristan: Ohhh, y

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To celebrate, Teen Lit Rocks and the Reading Date are giving away a bunch of amazing books. DO NOT WALK RUN RUN RUN to their sites and enter

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Over the weekend I visited Chicago with a girl friend, and we popped into the Chicago Cultural Center on Michigan Ave. I had been in this bu

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Reflecting on the last year, my involvement with WNDB, and what I've learned.

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So they're making a movie based on the Goosebumps novels by R.L. Stine, coming out this October, and I'm super excited about it. I realize t

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RR: Well, I think we all sort of want to be chosen. Because being chosen means having a purpose. Being chosen gives your life meaning and cl

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It has been said that the setting of a book is almost like another character. That is certainly true for many of my favorite novels, in whic

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Even though when I was a teenager I understood that it was great to be smart and talented and funny and brave, I was the most anxious about

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I should have been humiliated by it all—by the drama at my school, by the forced psych evaluation, by the refusal of all these idiot adults

We Heart YA: Read and Repeat

Every once in a while, we'll be discussing a book we all enjoyed. Ingrid, who will have just finished reading it, will say "Oh, I need to ow