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Now that Google has a $199 tablet, will Amazon rush out a Kindle Fire 2 in July?
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The real question is will it even matter? 
Unless it is $99 I am not sure why anyone would buy it over the Nexus 7.
I think so. It's time for a new version anyway. I'm sure Google timed the release of their tablet so people can compare the two tablets when making a decision to buy one.
Also I was shocked to see you back on Google+. You made your dislike for it on Rumor! Hope you enjoy it this time. :-)
They should get camera on it.I think they are loosing a big number of people that Skype a lot and would like to have something bigger than a phone but smaller than a 10 or 11" tablet. Something like Samsung 7 Tab 2
Karyn trying the robot again. I remember when she tried that move on one of the podcast last year and is sad to say She didn't improve much.
Still I think all the experts are wrong. The Kindle is not coming out next month. 
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