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A Straight Shootin', Big Hearted, Opinionated, Country Boy
A Straight Shootin', Big Hearted, Opinionated, Country Boy

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Taylor Swift should NOT wear overly bright lipstick - especially red.. It makes her look like she was stung in the mouth by a bee. She already looks like a young Kim Basinger (NOT a compliment). so less is more.

Although I very much liked the movie, I'm NOT AT ALL happy with the ending of The Dark Knight Rises. BOOO HISSSS. (pout) LOL

My new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is AWESOME!

Finally. After 4 months of waiting, I was informed that we will get our new store and I will get my promotion in mid December at the earliest and January at the latest. The best thing is that it's only an 18 hour store so no more overnights. I can get back to a normal life. LOL WOOHOO. I pray that it happens and doesn't get waived again.

How would you feel if you found out you're a rape baby from incest?

Do you think that adult children of incest rape should be allowed to have children?


If the word "Nigger" and variations thereof is a slur, slander or insult, why then do we allow blacks to use it? Should we not hold them to the same standards that they wish for us to be held to. If a person of a non black race cannot use the word without being arrested for racism or a hate crime why then should blacks be allowed to use it? I've never heard a hispanic person call another hispanic person a "spic" or an asian call another asian a "chink" or a Jew call another jew a "keik" I have plenty of middle easterners come into the store and when two middle eastern strangers see each other I've never heard "S'up sand nigga!" come out of their mouths. Is it maybe that the black culture doesn't get the respect that it wants because it doesn't respect its self?

If we are all equal or we all want equality, then should we all not have to follow the same standards equally?



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If that's your thing then do your thing. Not everyone, however, supports your thing. The most recent public example is the CEO of Chic-Fil-A.

This man has stated his CONSTITUTIONALLY GUARANTEED opinion. It is as much his right to not support homosexual marriage as it is for anyone else to not agree with blacks and whites marrying or whites and hispanics marrying or if someone doesn't like jews or blacks or anyone else. THAT IS THEIR CHOICE. 

In my opinion, where the line is draw is the actions one assigns to their preferences about things. I don't care for jews. I state this, its my opinion & I will stand by it till the day I die. I don't randomly dislike them just because they're jews, I have years of first hand experience to base MY PREFERENCE on. I think for all the racial hate that exists in America, nothing ever has, can or ever will compare to the anti-semitic mentality of the jews against EVERYONE but other jewish. Maybe there's a small pocket of them that isn't that way but I haven't come across them and most likely never will.

My actions regarding jews is that I stay the hell away from them. I don't associate with them and avoid them whenever possible and I ask that they extend to me the same courtesy. That is the right thing to do. Where my opinion would be wrong would be to seek them out and wish or attempt to do them harm. Neither of which I view as a reasonable solution or way to be. I don't spend every day worrying about what the jews are doing or how to eradicate them or anything else negative about the issue. I Live & let live. To do otherwise makes me a racist and I am not a racist.

In the circumstances of Chic-Fil-A, I just found out that the Gay and Lesbian community plans to go to the local Chic-Fil-A's in Colorado Springs and sit in the restaurant or otherwise in plain view ON the property and make out aka kissing groping and anything short of breaking public indecency laws. 

This is the wrong approach. It is below the white trash thing to do , it is BULLYING AND it makes you a bunch of faggots instead of the proud, cultured, tolerant & reasonable people you want us to see you as and believe you are.

If you want respect and want to further your cause to get to be as miserable in marriage and divorce as all the straight people; bullying your way in to acceptance or tolerance is not the way to do it. You want to be treated fairly and with respect and have the same rights as everyone else then you have to give to get.

So, come Friday, stay your asses home. 

That's the right thing to do. 

Don't go to Chic-Fil-A - EVER. Boycott the entire chain as your way of protesting or - and this is just a thought - show your equality to the rest of us by respecting another human and AMERICAN's right to have a different view than yours. 

We can all just get along - you just have to let us.
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