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Wanting to work on another, much lighter novel after finally finishing Nekomimi Land, I settled on Night After Night as my next prose project. The idea came from the RiffTrax of New Moon (the second Twilight movie), where they do an extended joke about Bella also meeting Alan the Invisible Teen, a sexy mummy, and the Teen From the Blue Lagoon (who in a fit of depression flushes himself). So I hit on the idea of a sorta-Twilight-parody where the protagonist has an increasingly ridiculous succession of supernatural suitors, starting with a vampire and a werewolf, but escalating to include a merman, Dr. Bigfoot, Buer the demon lord, the Handsome Living Corn (I may have skimmed a list of Chuck Tingle titles while brainstorming), and in the climax, literally God.

To prepare I've been (1) reading the Twilight Saga, and (2) since plotting is something I struggle with, using the workbook from Rock Your Plot to outline the story ahead of time.

I've never been able to muster up any energy towards hating Twilight, but it is a crappy book series. (The most likable character is Bella's dad Charlie, and I would totally watch/read a story about Charlie Swan, Divorced Cop In a Small Town With Kind of a Lot of Unexplained Animal Maulings.) It's just that it's crappy because it has bland characters, turgid prose, uninteresting conflicts, and unfortunate ideas about relationships, and not because the author had the temerity to have a different take on vampires. On the plus side, especially with the help of the RiffTrax, the movies rise to the most bonkers crescendo. Seriously, the finale had to be filmed outdoors because of the actors' appetite for chewing scenery.

Rock Your Plot is a no-nonsense guide/system for plotting out a novel. I kinda want to gift a copy to Stephenie Meyer, because I'm finding it legitimately helpful for developing my characters in ways that contribute to making a more compelling story. Needless to say not all stories should follow a system, but I'm at a point where I feel like I need training wheels to really get going.

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So apparently the Brazilian licensing of D&D5e has become a huge mess, to the point where there's a boycott.

It reminds me a bit of the kinds of messes that have happened in the RPG industry from time to time, like the upheavals inside TSR that made life difficult for companies like Judges Guild.

Also the thing that WotC just kind of cut off all of their foreign language licensors and then much later let Gale Force Nine handle it. The Japanese publisher of 3e and 4e put in a huge amount of effort to make D&D a success in a country where it doesn't enjoy the level of absurd dominance that it has in the US, and they just got told there would be no license and left to wonder what was happening.

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One of my artist friends volunteered to do a logo for Dragon World; here's the first rough he sent me. :D

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So, uh, I finally, finally got Nekomimi Land out into the world. Specifically the ebooks, on Kindle and DriveThruFiction, with POD print versions in progress. (If there's another format/venue you especially think I should try, let me know!)

It's a story I started writing ages ago, and worked on in bursts every few years, until I woke up the day after election day and decided it was time to finish it once and for all, because it felt entirely too appropriate when the phrase "grab 'em by the pussy" is part of our national conversation. The result is my first published work of prose, and probably the most strange and raw thing I've ever made.

Also a friend of mine did some phenomenal illustrations for it, which is another reason I've been wanting to finally get it out into the world.

Apparently I need to plan on my Deal of the Day submissions showing up within a few days. Maid RPG is the Deal of the Day on DTRPG, available for a mere $3 today only!

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Not sure how well it works for new people, but I do like the somewhat unconventional way I explained the basics of RPGs in Kagegami High.

Hokay, so the Deal of the Day stuff is over. I had decided to make an effort to use DTRPG's promotional tools, since on both the Yaruki Zero and Star Line Publishing accounts I'd accumulated kind of a lot of their Publisher Promotion Points. I also set up Featured Product messages for GSS and Kagegami High, so that they appear on the front page and category pages.

The Deal of the Day lets you spend about 250 PPP to have a product go into the queue, and they randomly select from the queue (weighted for various things) to get slots. Because randomness can be silly sometimes, GSS and KH got to be DotD on consecutive days. KH actually sold significantly more, but then it's been out for less than a month rather than ~3.5 years, so a lot less of the potential audience already has it. It also probably helped that I used their promotional e-mail tool to inform everyone who bought Schoolgirl RPG (and opted in for e-mails) about it, which was about 400 people.

For KH this was a pretty significant boost, especially since it's so new. It jumped up to being a Silver Bestseller (which is depressingly easy to do, but still) and got it on the front page of DTRPG in a couple different categories, getting a lot more eyeballs on it in general.

Now I just need to get the POD stuff sorted out. For CreateSpace there were a bunch of strange printing issues, and for DTRPG it's just taking a long time for them to process stuff, though apparently that's a sitewide issue right now.

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The Millennium Blades artbook is now up for sale. Aside from being a nifty visual guide to the hilariously over the top world of the game, it has the Duel Questers mini-RPG by yours truly (which requires a copy of Millennium Blades to play).

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Yesterday GSS was the Deal of the Day on DTRPG, and because of some hilarious RNG, Kagegami High is today's DotD! So if you were on the fence about getting it, today only it's a mere $4!

Golden Sky Stories is the Deal of the Day on DriveThruRPG! If you were waiting for a sale or something, it's $4 today only! Why am I using so many exclamation points?!
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