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Movie Monday: Leap of Faith Pays Off
I can't wait until Monday. While the rest of the planet lined up at midnight to watch
the latest installment in the Star Wars saga, I impatiently waited for the
release of the first ever Assassin’sCreed movie. Even if I was more than a little anxious about ...

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Movie Monday: Independence Day Regurgitation
that was lame sauce.  Typically, Hollywood just remakes a movie if they wait longer
than a year to make a sequel to a blockbuster. But there they went anways, making a sequel 20
years later. If you’re a whippersnapper like me, you may actually remember...

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Movie Monday: Fly Like an Eagle
After watching Kingsman: the Secret Service , I knew that I
needed to approach anything Mathew Vaughn does with cautious optimism. The whole movie was amazing, and I've been a fan of Layer Cake and Stardust for some time. It was a great movie with an all st...

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Movie Monday: Mele kalikimaka and Disney's Moana
Hawaii is not exactly the first thing I think of when I
think of Christmas movies. But it’s that time of year when my family gets to
tell Santa if we’ve been naughty or nice. Spokane has a terrific set up
with Santa and one of the tallest tress around at Ri...

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New Direction
I have spent the last week in a state of shock. I know most people have, and I honestly don't know what the next steps are to take. But it made my come to realize that I've been hiding since I got to this new city. I wasn't sure who I wanted to be anymore a...

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How easy it is. We find something we feel passionate about and become the worst form of ourselves. Not the version you would find at a family gathering or an intimate evening with friends. No, the worst version of ourselves comes out when we find ourselves ...

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Family Friday: Moving and Change
You may have noticed I took almost 2 weeks off. That happens
when you move. Things like packing and cleaning take priority. If you’re like
me, you neglect the things that actually keep you sane- like writing.   So I’m back this week. Ready for this new

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Movie Monday: Assassin's Creed
I am a die-hard Assassin’s Creed fan. There is something just
special about the history and culture wrapped into an adventure saga about good
and evil in these games. So naturally I’m hooked. I am anxiously awaiting
the movie, as I have been since they fina...

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Movie Monday: Super-Exhausted
I think I’m
suffering from Superhero anxiety. I’m not Team Captain or Team Stark or
whatever! I’m sort of meh about the
whole Superhero thing. Disney is banking on the fact that they have all this
pre-vetted material in the Marvel Universe. Their slate is s...

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Family Friday! Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mother's in my life!
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