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Adam Stone
Born and bred Exonian. Owns some businesses. Has a gorgeous family.
Born and bred Exonian. Owns some businesses. Has a gorgeous family.

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If you share an alternative stance - join the census

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What do @JimCarry,@Oprah,@KimKardashian, and @BillGates all have in common?

Multi-million Twitter followings but they only follow back a handful themselves (in some cases none)! This tells their followers they are not worthy!

But wait, there is an answer; read my latest blog post:

HUGE gaping hole in Google's App offering - there's no CRM! Why? It's such an obvious requirement. I want to be able to pull up a contact and see the meetings we've had, the emails we've exchanged - even the tasks that I've assigned to projects involving that client. It's all there within the Google-sphere yet I've never heard of any work being done by them to link it all up.

Have I missed something? Am I the only one who would find this useful?

Just a few more days until R&R time. 

What?! You're country is on the verge of bankruptcy, you spend more with defence contractors than on education - and you're posting pictures of cats??!

Came that close to buying a Macbook Air on Amazon - £50 less than on Apple Store. But the specs were the older ones (despite saying 'new') and I just can't risk it. Amazon 0 Apple 1

Ooh major Google + update - can now re-order circles exactly as I want them.

Oh scroll arrows, top and bottom, how I lament thine passing :(

+Leo Laporte captured in an Instagram momentpreparing for the first Twit Photo in the Brick Studio :

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