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Christine Smith
A twenty-something Christian, writer, reader, and blogger with intentions of owning a pet dragon one day.
A twenty-something Christian, writer, reader, and blogger with intentions of owning a pet dragon one day.

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7 Book Character Types I Will Never Tire Of
It happens to all of us. We pickup a new book, begin reading, and then BAM! a new character pops up on the pages and you’re just like “WELL HELLOOO THERE.” Normally I’d say instalove is nonsense. Buuut let’s be honest here. With some characters, it takes us...

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The Job of “Writer”: There is No Clocking Out
Remember those dreams of grandeur during your first happy days as a writer? Those imaginings that your life would be full of lounging in a quaint coffee shop and clacking contentedly on your keyboard whenever you felt like it? The realization that you’d be ...

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The Life Pattern vs. God’s Pattern
2017 is HALFWAY OVER, GUYS. HALFWAY. faints And next thing you know, August is going to be here. With August, for many, comes Big Life Decisions . Maybe May for you was a flurry of graduation excitement. Some finished high school, others college. While ma...

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The Steadfast Pen Blog Launch + Interview feat. Josiah Dyck
I’m suuuper excited to share something with you guys today! A good friend of mine and fellow writer/reader/lover-of-all-things-geeky just launched his blog!!! I first got to know Josiah Dyck via Tracey Dyck (because yes, they’re siblings…if it isn’t obvious...

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Beautiful People - Lystraea {June 2017}
  Visit Sky @ Further Up and Further In or Cait @ Paperfury to join the BP linkup! It’s meh favorite time of the month. BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE TIIIIME. And I haven’t actually done one since March. gasp shock ack So I’m super excited to be doing one today! I...

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The Reluctant Godfather by Allison Tebo - Book Review, Blog Tour + Giveaway
Today I am absolutely thrilled to spread the word about one of the most delightful stories I’ve ever read! The blog tour for The Reluctant Godfather starts off today, and not only do I have a review for you guys, an epic giveaway is going on! All the info o...

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Rooglewood’s Final Fairytale Contest Reveal
I’M BAAAACK!!! My blogging hiatus is officially over. For…the most part. My posting maaay be a smidge sporadic for a bit, but I will eventually settle back into my every Monday posting. I PROMISE. And I still may not be commenting on blogs as much as I like...

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Some Rambles About Life + Shameful Confessions + May Hiatus
Sooo… I’m going on another hiatus. cough My perfectionist self is beating me up over this since I already went on one in January. I can’t go another month not posting on my blog. I post every week. THAT’S THE RULE. But, ya know, January was a few months a...

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EXTROVERTED WRITER: The Struggle is Real (and so are we)
According to #Society, I’m a unicorn. I mean, I’ve never confirmed nor denied this claim. I could be a majestic, magical creature that rides on rainbows. smile, smile But in this particular case, I’m talking about the fact that I DON’T EXIST. (Which, agai...

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Dual Character Inquisition Tag - Larke and Marigold
Hello, my lovelies! I hope you all had a blessed Easter yesterday! Today I’m doing something fun. About 34543998 years ago (or a few months, but who’s counting?) I was tagged by Kate @ Story and Dark Chocolate for the Dual Character Inquisition Tag. Then, j...
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