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Sunrise at the Sweet–Anthony House

November 27th, 2011
Prescott Farm
Middletown, RI

Another of last year's "out-take" from a last minute stop back from capturing a Newport sunrise.

"Prescott Farm offers a glimpse of early rural New England through its buildings and landscape. The Farm traces its origin to the early 18th century when the Nichols-Overing House (c. 1730) was central to the site. Doris Duke, through the Newport Restoration Foundation, purchased the 40–acre farm with the idea of preserving open space and the Nichols–Overing House, as well as creating a setting for additional historic buildings that were rescued from imminent demolition.


Originally located at 855 West Main Road, now the site of fast food restaurants and a hotel, this house was moved to Prescott Farm in 1970. This broad-gable roofed 1½ story farmhouse came with much original woodwork intact. It is a good example of simple rural architecture, complete with additions which were made in the 18th and 19th centuries. It is also valuable as an example of a middle-class farm dwelling, a nice counterpoint to the extravagance of the Nichols-Overing House."


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beautiful colors and patterns of light and shadow.
+Frank C. Grace Grea photo! may I ask if you used any filters for the post procesing? and if yes, which ones? been trying to get that "soft" and fantasy like effects, but I don't seem to manage it as well as you did on this one :(
+Frank C. Grace - lovely use of fog for the soft light. This makes me want to know more about the house. I can see myself walking in to the yard and exploring deeper. Nice shot!
Thanks everyone.

+Shanti Gilbert - I added a soft gaussian glow to the image to get the soft effect. No filter use but I did add a single layer of rice paper texture that you can see in the sky. Add some glow, and you'll nail it.
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