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Real reporting on "planned parenthood".
Planned Parenthood fails to convince anyone its web site was attacked, the resurrection of the mammogram falsehood, and mysterious media omissions.
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The sheer fact that our society has chosen to ignore the atrocity of abortion is disturbing...and the videos only illuminate the complete disregard we have for human life. This is the same crime against human rights that the Nazis, Communist China/Russia and Imperialist Japanese committed and their societies ignored and accepted.
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Also wanted to share this.  I have really been enjoying this music because the lyrics are more Biblical, substantial, thorough, and challenging than many CCW bands out there.  We turn on the local CCW radio station and listen for about a song and a half before giving up.  But this is not about that...  


Completely just and holy God 
Who from age to age forbeared
All the blatant acts of evil hearts
Unrelenting in despair
While promising a Son would come
The Messiah from of old
And his bruised heel would crush the head
Of the serpent, cursed and cold

Our Perfect Priest and Sacrifice 
For God's holy wrath toward sin
When the blood of bulls could not suffice
Christ absorbed it all in him 
And the righteous freely gave his life 
He was buried in the earth
But our God has raised him from the dead
He will have the final word

The Spirit comes to testify
Of truth that we have heard
The wisdom of a sovereign God
That the foolish deem absurd
Convict us and convince our hearts 
Astonish us with grace
The world is dead and dying fast
And we need to see Your face

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
You’re the blessed three in One
Come and rid our hearts of lesser boasts
Than the victory you’ve won
We throw ourselves upon your grace
You complete all you begin
Loose our feeble lips to sing your praise
Keep our wandering feet from sin

Today listen if you hear his voice
Don't harden your heart, or blind your eyes
Hear and believe, he has made his choice
He’s chosen you and he does not change his mind

This is from a recent album by Stephen Miller, a worship pastor now serving a church in Austin.  If your taste runs more to modern styles than mine does, I really recommend you check out his work for the care he puts into his lyrics. 

Lyrics courtesy of this site, where there is an interview and album review for those who want more info:
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+Chris Marchand niiiiiice you'll be able to crank out serious bible-y verbiage with that!
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Tipped off to this worship leader and songwriter by +Aaron Armstrong  and +Jamie Brown .  What a pleasant surprise to get a free download of this album via Jamie's blog  

Thanks Jamie!  Always enjoy what you have to say about worship, pastoral care, and songwriting.
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Glad to do so!  Pass it on if you get a chance. 
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This is so meta.

Yo dawg we heard you like #collections...
Doug McHone originally shared:
Google+ Circles and Categories

Google+ was built around circles, which were the silos where you categorized your friends by common interest. If you then had something to say of general interest you would post publicly. But if a post would only interest a sub-group of friends and acquaintances, you would only include the interested circles. Assuming these people have added you, they would then have access to the post.

Now with Collections, the person who decides if they want the content of your niche category posts to appear in their feed is the reader. Like before, you can limit the scope of a collection to certain people or circles. But the incentive to do so is reduced dramatically. It makes more sense to put yourself out there, and if something you care about doesn't interest a friend, they can remove themself from that collection without removing you as a friend.

There may be a bit more friction in the beginning as people start curating their own collections AND adjusting which collections of their friends they wish to follow. But once things settle down, I predict this will have a very positive effect on the interaction within Google+.

Why? Because people will be making fewer private posts and more public posts, categorized in collections. You will learn fascinating things about your friends, shared passions that neither of you realized you had in common.

This is truly a bigger addition to G+ than I had realized at first. All the preexisting advantages of G+ with the customization options of Pinterest added in.

Picture is unrelated to the contents of the post.
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+Mo B. True! There's a new land rush for every self proclaimed SEO guru on G+. 
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Follow your heart? No.
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+Sweet Queen Glory while I don't see where in the Bible we are taught to follow our regenerate heart, especially in the way that principle is culturally taught today, you are right: we must be born again. 
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Those of whom the world was not worthy.
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New head or not in heaven, you're still dead to the rest of us still living on earth, and our earthly ears won't be hearing anything from your heavenly mouth.
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"Easy for me to say, sure, but...

The older I get, and the more fecundaphobia I see, the more I believe this to be a true and necessary message.

Your influence on the world will die with you.  However the lessons you teach your children and the work that you do with them will live on well past your days.  I'm not talking about some lame extension of your ego, but I mean the lasting benefit you can provide for others by passing on good values.

It is true that some people have and raise children with no thought as to how they might make the world better, but the answer is not to avoid bringing more people into the world, but producing better people."

- wisdom and truth from +Jeremy Hodges​. If you've not circled him, stop that.
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Toddler != kids, right?
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Finished photos of all the knives I sent home! Now for cases and to put them up for sale on my Etsy shop!
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 Hey +Andrew M Thanks! I will be putting them up for sale in not too long of time, so if you know anyone that would be interested in purchasing, all of the profit goes to supporting us here in Mozambique.
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This is beautiful.
The remarkable story of the discovery and reconstruction of a Supermarine Spitfire
View original post
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Awesome story, and videos. Shared.
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The Word just preaches itself.

He made Him Who knew no sin
To be made sin for us
That we might be made
The righteousness of God
In Him.

Nothing else I can say. 
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Looking forward to it!  Can't believe it's been 3 years already since the last one.    #IndelibleGrace
Kevin Twit is raising funds for Help Us Make Indelible Grace 7 on Kickstarter! A new Indelible Grace project is underway. Old hymns set to new music. Join us on the journey to record our new project.
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 Merry Christmas!!
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follower of Jesus Christ
For our sake He made Him to be sin 
Who knew no sin, so that in Him 
we might become the righteousness of God.
(2 Corinthians 5:21)

When you are ready to give up, 
call on the name of Jesus. 
He's faithful and merciful.

Notes On Meeting New Friends:

Unrelated to this, I am interested in learning more about those folks who have circled me that I haven't circled back.  My apologies for taking so long.

Here's what I am thinking - I'll be looking at your recent posts.  I am really interested in meeting people who are sharing a little bit of their personal lives and with whom I share common interests.  I am not looking for more links to read.  The internet will always be there, waiting, growing, thrashing in its display of bored humanity.  I am looking for people on the same path who are sharing some of what they are learning about life, both the questions and the answers.  On the other hand, some of us share way too much, way too fast.
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Just toured it, didn't end up renting because the rep made me feel as if my stuff would not be protected unless I bought their padlock. For pushing a $15 padlock on me they didn't get a customer. Maybe that's just the way it goes anymore with corporate control but you'd think the bottom line would be imperative. They have a good competitor right across Lake Street.
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