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Marc Shapins
I'm confusing and awesome. You gotta get through the first one to experience the second.
I'm confusing and awesome. You gotta get through the first one to experience the second.

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Hey everyone, heads up about buying #concert tickets through +Online City Tickets. You might think you are on +Ticketmaster's site but maybe not. They added additional charges without a final approval page which can end up doubling your ticket price. #scam #fraud #ripoff #stayaway

AT&T is going to cap the amount of data I can bring into my house without paying more. I don't think I'll use more than 1 TB of #internet data but this seems like step in the wrong direction for long term #customersatisfaction #notcool

UUGHH! My #LGG4 froze and #Verizon can't do anything to fix it. Thankfully they can send me a new phone at no charge. And begins my 24 hours of no phone

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With my pattern of avoiding #trailers to avoid #spoilers, when do I stop reading the #starwars posts that go from asking questions that #theforceawakens asks to start hypothesizing what will be in #episodeVIII ? #notrailersnospoilers

Currently getting my nerd on and cramming my mind full of all the #StarWars stuff I've missed over the past year now that I've seen the AMAZING NEW FILM! #notrailernospoiler

Star wars is back baby! Loved the new film! I can finally go watch the trailers now #starwars

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HOLY GUACAMOLE! My inner and outer child is exploding with sophisticated nerd right now! You all must take 10 minutes and make your inner geek happy, your inner child happy, your elegant adult happy and just enjoy all of this... yeah that's right just soak in the fact that you love Star Wars and always will... I'm going to go enjoy this again and so should you

Pre-ordered the #LGG4 this morning from +Verizon I'm hoping for good things from this #android  phone. Knowing the battery life may end up similar to the G2 I went ahead and pre-ordered an extended battery case from +mophie 

whatever you do, do not buy from +Dell I was just jerked around for half of a day (which included being put on hold for over 2 hours). Trying to buy a #vizio  tv from the. I've had dental experiences that went smoother. I do not plan on buying from them (or at least attempt to buy from them) ever again and I suggest you think twice before buying from them. Horrible customer experience
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