Social Media ROI Panel at SXSWi 2012 Centralized #SMROI #SXSMROI

It's interesting the ROI topic still is at hand, which is a sign of the maturity of our young industry. In an effort to collect the heated conversation at SXSW, I'm centralizing a list to them here:

Where are the professionals? Reflections on the #sxsmroi panel debacle by Olivier Blanchard

A Case Study In Making Up Your Own Mind by Matt Riding

Thinking Before Blogging: A Case Study In Bridge Burning At SXSW by Craig Daitch

Respect and the #SXSMROI panel by Tamera Kremer

Panels, Promises, and Potshots by Petri Darby

Let’s End The Magical Thinking About Social Media ROI by Susan Etlinger (my colleague)

Leave a comment below, and I'll add. I'm playing techmeme today.
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