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Somewhere right now...

...a boy is thumbing through Harry Potter and jotting down all the spells.

...a middle aged man is pretending to be a 9 year old girl online for no other reason than it makes people nicer.

...a waiter spit in the food of a celebrity based on their political views.

...a scientist has almost discovered a cure for a major disease but is looking  for something else and misses it.

...a person is saying 'I love you" to someone they don't.

...a man is treating a gun as if it were loaded when it's not.

...two girls have found something dead that was alive 10 minutes ago.

...a 9 year old girl is making a fake drivers ID for her older brother.

...a baby is born that will grow up to lead a large following of people.

...a person is reading this and clicks the link below to download my book free this weekend.

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This is what I have to say to those who oppose gay marriage:

-  You think it will ruin America.  Um, hello?  You watch the news lately?
-  Gay marriage will ruin families.  Gay couples tend to adopt; which means that some child that doesn't know parental love, will.  And they aren't spitting out more babies, contributing to the overcrowding problem.
-  "Oh em gee...  They'll want to get married in my church/synagogue/place of worship!"  Probably not.  If your church is as homophobic as you...  I doubt that they will ask to be married there.
-  Gay marriage isn't going to ruin your marriage - unless your spouse is an undercover lesbian.

Think of it this way.  You don't like chocolate donuts with pink sprinkles.  Your neighbor does.  Your neighbor offers you one - all you have to do is say 'no thank you'.  That would be the nice, acceptable way of not having the donut.  YOU don't have to have a chocolate donut with pink sprinkles; and you certainly don't have to watch your neighbor eat said chocolate donut with pink sprinkles..  You don't have to tell your neighbor why chocolate donuts with pink sprinkles disgusts you.  That would make you a jerk.

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I've decided that no matter how prepared I get for a zombie apocalypse, I'm going to be the one screaming from my perch on the kitchen counter, "KILL IT OHMYGOD KILL IT - I DON'T CARE WITH WHAT!!!", because this is my usual response to spiders.

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Conversation between Hubby and I:
Hubby - "He's in here."
Me - "What?"
Hubby - "Didn't you ask if the child of destiny was here?"
Me - "No... I said I think I'm allergic to all the dust in here."

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What has happened has nothing to do with gun control.  What has happened has nothing to do with God/prayer no longer being in schools.  What has happened has nothing to do with violent games or movies.  

Newtown, Aurora, Stockton, Jonesbro.

Gun control only keeps the honest people honest.  How many thieves do you think say to themselves "Whoops, door is locked.  Not breaking into this house tonight!"

Chardon, Virginia Tech, Waco, Columbine.

Your God is a vengeful/loving god.  I can't imagine that this wonderful God of yours would condone the killing of innocents to prove an ill conceived point.  Not everyone prays to the same god or the same way, or even prays to a god - to make everyone do it one way would spread dissonance faster than removing it from public areas.

Austin, Fullerton, San Diego, Killeen.

I watch violent tv shows and movies; read thrillers.  My husband and I play violent games.  Neither one of us has violent tendencies towards others.  I have friends that are the same way - and none of them have gone on any shooting sprees.  I can say that playing a game helps relieve stress, and a good psychological thriller gets me thinking about the psyche.

San Ysidro, Edmond, Binghamton, Fort Hood.

It has everything to do with people being ashamed to say anything, if they're depressed or something is wrong.  People noticing that 'Joe' is acting a bit off, and not wanting to embarrass 'Joe' by asking if everything is ok - or if they do ask, 'Joe' doesn't want to say anything, afraid he'll be judged.  It has everything to do with mental healthcare being the hardest kind of healthcare to receive.  Feeling a bit under the weather?  You can pop into an emergency room, and they have to see you for your cold.  It doesn't work that way for people that need help for depression or being unstable emotionally/mentally.

Camden, Geneva County, Red Lake, West Paducah.

How many times have you said that someone was just looking for attention?  That nothing is really wrong with them?  How often have you hidden your depression, because you didn't want to be pitied or feel ashamed or be judged?  How many killing sprees end in suicide or "suicide by cop"?

Nickel Mines, Springfield, Tucson, Santee.

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Sorry guys, I'm in a music kind of mood, and since I'm working - youtube it is!

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His work is amazeballs. You should buy something, and if you're feeling generous, you should buy me one, too.
A few more "fire sale" prints on offer.

So first and foremost - thanks to everybody who has either ordered prints from my post yesterday or helped spread the word by sharing the original post; the support and love in this community never fails to blow me away. Hopefully, by the time my camera dies and refuses to come back to life, I'll at least be able to get it fixed or get a replacement to hold me over - so your awesomeness means a lot!

I'm hitting the road again bright and early tomorrow, but I wanted to add a few more prints to the ones I'd already offered - several that were requested by y'all, and a few more that I just happen to like, and which I haven't offered for sale in any other venue. In case anybody missed the original post, I'm only offering these prints here right now, since you Googlies rock my world on a daily basis (excepting on those days that I'm roadtrippin' and cut off from the outside world)! And since I'm going to be working with my lab to directly drop-ship the prints in batches, I'm going to be able to get them out at a fraction of what I charge for limited editions. Pricing is as follows:

$20 - 8x12"
$30 - 10x15"
$45 - 12x18"
$75 - 16x24"

Plus $7 for shipping (for an entire order, no matter how many / what size). So to make it extra-easy to order, if you're interested, just send a PayPal payment for the total to and note the names and sizes of the prints you're ordering. Contact me for shipping to other countries, or if you wish to order an image that's not in the "Prints" gallery - though as I've told more than one first date, no promises or anything!

"Light and Shadow" will be printed on an equivalently scaled size to fit the 4x5 aspect ratio.

With any luck, and with your awesome support, 2012 is going to be my most productive year to date - I just need gas in my engine and a camera that functions, and I'm really planning on bringing everything I've got all over the States! It's so awesome to feel the love every day on here, and hopefully I can return some of that with some super-discounted prints.

And even if you can't afford to order anything / nothing strikes your fancy / you're out of wall space / etc, I'll love you like a milkshake if you'd be so kind as to share this post!

See you all when I pause in between this New England trip and my early April asylum extravaganza with +Amy Heiden & +Teresa Stover!
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