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Being Well and Joyful
Being Well and Joyful

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Post has attachment ... Fragrant Life ... Watch and smell as slices of sola plants from Southeast Asia bloom into fragrant flowers. Like an aromatic diffuser, this liquid perfume uses hand-crafted flowers instead of reed sticks, decorating your home and filling the air with freshness.

Post has attachment ... Clean, Refreshing ... The modern bottle meets nature’s original water purifier. Elegant enough for a dinner party, this bottle and white charcoal stick—known in the Japanese as kishu binchotan—transform ordinary tap water into mineral-rich H2O.

Post has attachment ... Beauty, Form, Function ... Protect your iPhone 6/6s and your health with GATCHE, the world’s ultimate antibacterial mobile technology case. A totally new concept GATCHE combines three innovative technologies. BioSilver eliminates 99% of bacteria on the surface of device by using silver ions. AirCare Impact offers high flexibility, impact absorption and protection against abrasion. Metal Nanoparticles is an eco-friendly nanoparticle technology that makes use of the finest metal alloys for a beautiful finish.

Post has attachment ... serenity!
The Monkey Mind Band is medicine in fabric form. Ultra soft and protective, this silver-plated nylon elastomer band guards your health and beauty by blocking electromagnetic radiation, repelling germs and reducing breakouts and inflammation. Perfect for frequent travelers.

Post has attachment ... handcrafted by master glassblowers, the Fluted Talise can be used with the funnel for water or without for non-filtered beverages - classic beauty, form, and function.

Post has attachment ... The Schatzii AIR Ionic Car Air Purifier + Dual USB Car Charger quickly cleans the air in your car and removes smoke, odors, toxic fumes, dust, pollen and pet dander using its powerful built-in negative ion generator. 

Post has attachment ... chic, functional, powerful, what a bag!

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