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Cancer Update / What is 589 you ask? The number of days since July 10, 2013.
What is the significance of that day? It was when my mediport was placed.
And today I had it removed.

589 days ago today was never in our wildest dreams.

Gods love + your prayers + some rockin good drugs =

Cancer Update / Today marked 90 days post treatment and the results of yet another CT Scan. I admit that I had some concerns about the outcome of the scan, not because I've been feeling poorly but because I'm a worry wort. This morning before going to the hospital I was walking our

Cancer Update / I had meant to write an update on Thanksgiving after all I have a lot to be thankful for, but my site was on the glitch from a security update gone bad. It actually works out better that I was able to get things back up and running just now.

Cancer Update / Today was the first of my post treatment visits to Georgetown University Hospital. It was nice to be greeted my Marta and to have Kim be my nurse again, as she had been off on my last treatment. MedImmune had over a dozen vials to be filled, thankfully my mediport

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Cancer Update / Saturday afternoon Robin and I returned from a weeks vacation in the Outer Banks, NC. We hadn't been home for 15 minutes before a dark cloud of funk had settled over me. Robin questioned what she'd done to set me off and my truthful answer was nothing. Anyone in the house

Cancer Update / Yesterday was infusion number 26. One full year of receiving that Anti PD-L1 autoimmune therapy known as MEDI4736. As my venerable oncologist Dr. Michael Pishvaian said, "we've entered uncharted territory." In other words, "we don't know what we don't know."

I am so thankful that I have a God that does

Cancer Update / And tears of sorrow...

I'm back up in "my" infusion chair at 5 North after meeting with both Dr. Pishvaian and Christina Urso. While the meeting was better than could be imagined I haven't felt this emotional over of my cancer in a very long time. As I get ready to

Cancer Update / It's a bit after 10 in the morning and I'm sitting in my usual corner chair waiting for my medicine to arrive from the pharmacy so the infusion can begin. Everything has gone well this morning with my blood work all coming back within normal ranges which is good.

"Any pain
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