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OpenSSL: FilesAnywhere is Unaffected by New Heartbleed Vulnerability

Other cloud storage companies were exposed to this security hole...


The developers at Mark Cuban's cloud computing company, in Dallas, deserve a virtual standing ovation.

This week the company unveiled FilesAnywhere 2014, its new cloud-powered free iPhone app. This app is the crowning achievement of 15 years of cumulative work by its engineers, and it shows.

FilesAnywhere 2014 is loaded with practical cloud features that combine to be the app to beat in the "Year of the Cloud". The new FilesAnywhere rings in the new year as a reminder of the company's history in pioneering and maintaining its technical leadership in the cloud since way back in 1999. The company's product leadership has endured, despite an endless parade of deep-pocketed rivals, some with hundreds of millions to burn on marketing.

But FilesAnywhere doesn't need to burn $500mm to prove it's the better business app. Just ask its many thousands of devout business customers and Fortune 500 teams that depend on FA's advanced cloud features for their businesses. Many customers including some Fortune 500 companies have been with FilesAnywhere for over 10 years.

FilesAnywhere 2014 is elegant and simple. The underlying tech is powerful, putting a serious business tool in the palm of your hand, with a knockout combo of cloud features that developers could only dream about before.

This app is FAST! I mean light speed, click-and-it's-already-there-by-the-time-your-finger-clears-your-viewing-angle, fast. I don't know if any one person can actually trace exactly how all those little bits and bytes and spinning hard drives and blinking network lights and my own wifi and iPhone pixels all work together so harmoniously in unison to retrieve and show my file in less time than it takes me to blink. But tap, blink, and your content is there.

When our engineers are tugging their shirt and shouting "Yes!" like Dirk Nowitzki after a game winning three pointer, you know it's fast. Our infrastructure team informs me, it's the result of an "end-to-end 10-gigabit load-balanced multipath fiber network, running SSD cache-optimized ZFS drive arrays", or so I'm told.

The cool thing is that all that data really is moving at the speed of light, across thousands of miles of interconnected fiber optic cable, through fiber optic routers, and then over the airwaves for the last stretch into your phone.

It is a stack of hardware innovations and optimized code, and with it the guys and gals at FilesAnywhere have broken some kind of digital land speed record here. See it for yourself.

FilesAnywhere competitors will once again be trying to catch up, to deliver billions of folders and documents at these blazing speeds.

Collaborating, instant unlimited email and SMS file link sharing, uploading, downloading, filming, streaming, printing, faxing, copying, dragging and dropping, presenting, zooming, commenting, traversing folders, searching, multi-selecting, syncing local files, encrypting, remote deleting, Facebook sharing, Tweeting, opening files in ANY other app - this app is a cloud powerhouse. It has everything a business person needs in their pocket.

Searching for a word of text in files across my own account having over 100,000 files... I take a breath in and before I can exhale all of the matching files are immediately shown in front of me. I tap a file, blink, and I'm already scrolling through an instant preview of thumbnail pages in a 200 page financial document, zooming in, I realize everything is now on my phone offline and secured and available everywhere in the cloud. Smile. Add comment: "I love technology!" Tap. Comment posted to my whole team around the world.

Thank you. FilesAnywhere.

FilesAnywhere 2014 Mobile Features:
- Upload photos, videos, and audio.
- Upload millions of file formats.
- Receive Files of any size from anyone using a web link you generate from the app.
- Download any kind of file.
- Preview all known picture types.
- Rapid photo-swipe loading.
- Open multi-tab spreadsheets.
- Open all known document types.
- Streaming HD playback and sharing of all known Video and Audio file types.
- Share any file, files, or entire folders to anyone.
- Share entire folders to other users with permissions.
- 1-click link creation for sharing anywhere.
- Twitter and Facebook link sharing.
- Group comments and folder collaborators.
- Free guest access to folders.
- Lock files for editing with Version Control check-out.
- Send faxes to any fax machine.
- Receive faxes with dedicated fax number (business plan).
- Local file cache for offline viewing.
- Optional App Password locking.
- Purge local files from web (remote wipe).
- Open In feature allows uploading integration from other apps.
- Search (powerful!), searches file names, folder names, *text inside files*, date ranges, file types, comments, file tags, and metadata such as author, company, version, image details, GPS location, song title, etc.
- Automatic OCR of image text (business plans)
- Full folder path.
- Landscape and Portrait views.
- Icon and List views.
- Copy/Paste, Rename, Delete.
- Document page thumbnail flipping.
- Zoom in / zoom out.
- Printing w/ Mobile Printer support.
- Presentations with Apple TV.
- IPad compatible.
- Advanced properties.
- File Sharing defaults.
- Free Backup / Sync app for your desktop (Windows and Mac).
- Document editing, Document Lifecycle Management, Metadata, Web Forms, Email Robot, and so much more when used with the desktop web login.

Download FilesAnywhere 2014 here for FREE and rate us in the App Store once you've checked it out. We think you're going to love it...

Register your free account at:

Tim Rice

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Yahoo Mail users losing files in email should consider FilesAnywhere! We've been storing files reliably since 1999.

File Sharing... is a feature, not a product.

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Check out this video of FilesAnywhere at REX 2013! FilesAnywhere REX 2013 Video Wrapup

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Connecting to FilesAnywhere via WebDAV on Windows:

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What Your iPhone Case Says About You [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Do you require an FTP connection for data transfer?

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