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Natalie T. Dean
x .use your head, follow your heart. x
x .use your head, follow your heart. x

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so the deadline for my CF project is new years eve & I havent received any photos from the CF'rs who claimed they wanted in :(

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+Eric Kerzman yo?

+Nicole Dean you just got this google+ thangg down, huh?

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5am blogging to milerz.
(backstory: its 5am & I havent gone to sleep yet -- so for me its still Dec ❅ 9th)   ( high-flow nose cannula ) today marks a cf milestone for me. I dont really know what it is about today butttt this morning I woke up & just decided that I am fighting back...

+Ashley Kerzman, you're using google+ now?! :))

looks like i'm firing my cf dr && becoming my own. already miserable && my cold hasnt even kicked in full gear yet!

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tb 21 selfie. #modestmonday  

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i've got a secret....
....but ii cant && wont tell! ..yet ;) soo. apart from my new style of typing, i'm pushing myself to do more treatments during the day. which is new for me. shouldnt be, sad ii know, but it is. deal w it :) anyways, i'm trying for 3x a day. vest + cayston 3...

anybody know why blogger wont show me my followers????

ii got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire..
cuz ii am a champion && you’re gonna hear me roar!
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