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I'm trying to decide whether this is a really early or really late April Fools' joke...

Yahoo search? Really...?

Facebook or Google+?

Personally, I'm becoming increasingly annoyed with Facebook. Facebook is effectively useless in a browser (I refuse to install the app, for various reaons) because it consistently loses my context. I guess the folks at Facebook think it's more important that I see the latest ads rather than being able to work my way through the backlog of posts on my feed.

I'm thinking about moving to G+ and closing my FB account? Thoughts...?

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Dear Google;

You want me to check G+ more than once in a blue moon, write a real app for the iPhone; not this bizarre web app that doesn't like to start scrolling, and once it does, doesn't know when to stop. An app that has push notifications, fer chrissake: it's 2011.

It's not that the iPhone is that awesome, but it's what I have until my contact with AT&T ("oh, you didn't actually mean to use your data plan, did you?) runs out.

Besides, if I do replace my iPhone with another smartphone, it won't be yet another device having a closed software ecosystem designed to extract profits for the vendor's partners. 
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