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Bob McCarthy
Direct Response & Digital Marketing Copywriter/Consultant
Direct Response & Digital Marketing Copywriter/Consultant


I have two accounts (for two different clients) using different emails. For some reason, the platform will not allow me to log into my second account. Every time I try to log in using the second email address, it opens the first account. I am running out of patience.

I would like to explore my best options for managing multiple clients under my account. I understand you have sub-accounts for higher level subscribers. But I can't find any overview on the pricing structure for this. (my costs and my client costs) Can you point me in the right direction so I can decide which level is right for me.

I would like to be able to show my client a preview of the landing page I created for him. How can i do that without having him log into the account?

I have one client already using Lead Pages (under my name). I want to add a second client. Can I set up the second client also under my name? I'm not sure how to structure this. Both clients will be using your Basic Service.

I am planning to sign up with Lead Pages for one of my clients. I'd like to take advantage of the one-year plan, but I'm not sure the client will stick around that long. Can I change the domain name to another client in the middle a contract?

I am interested in using Lead Pages for my clients.

The basic account says I can use LP on an unlimited number of domains.

Why then would I need a sub-account? What am I missing?
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