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The Common Room

As is our tradition, we'll be setting up the Festivus Pole tomorrow (December 23rd) and amping up our ongoing December sale just a tad. One day only!  Feats of strength for deep discounts; the airing of grievances; instead of one d20, roll 2 and take the better roll for your discount. Everything stacks!  

It's Sunday and that means MTG Standard at CRG!! Join us at 6:30pm for Standard play. $5 buy-in covers prize support. This will be our only Standard event this week as we'll be closing at 6pm on the 24th (of course, we're still running Modern tomorrow, and will be firing a draft and/or Legacy event on Tuesday).

The MTG masses have spoken, and the word is "Legacy".  We have heard the word, and, as such, there shall be Legacy at the Common Room.  To test the waters, we'll be hosting MTG Legacy on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm.  Proxies are allowed.  Buy-in will be $5, and this will go toward prize support.  Tomorrow (Tuesday the 16th) is the third Tuesday of the month, so we'll just dive in and start this thing tomorrow.  Please share the good news with any and all who might be interested!

Come draft with us! Friday Night Magic begins promptly at 6:30pm tonight. Show up at least 10 minutes early to register. And today is Bob Barker's birthday. To quote the man: "Come on down!".

Our December sale continues! Roll a d20 and take that percent off your purchase. We're also running deals on select RPG books and board games, and all Pathfinder player companions and campaign setting books are 30% off. All deals stack--and that includes with vouchers. If you have a game on your wish list, let your loved ones know that you want them to support your FLGS!! We sell gift certificates, too!

Friday Night Magic!  Join us at the Common Room for a Khans of Tarkir draft!  Sign-in begins at 6pm; play begins promptly at 6:30pm.  We've got the tables, the chairs, the boosters, and the enthusiasm!  All we need is you!  Would you like to know more?

MTG Standard tonight at 6pm.  Enjoy a few rounds of Magic, partake of free parking, luxuriate in the finest gaming room in the universe, indulge in the most affordable canned beverages known to humankind, and/or play/purchase some other game--new in the store: Card Wars, King of New York, Pandemic: The Cure, a new expansion for Robinson Crusoe, Polis, a new Netrunner data pack, and a new Lord of the Rings adventure pack!  Wow!

Tonight at the Common Room: 1) MTG Khans draft at 6pm, 2) casual LCG play--Conquest 40K, Netrunner, etc, and 3) Marvel Dice Masters call-out. Please join us!

MTG Standard today at 6pm. Bring your deck and compete for fame, fortune, and fabulous prizes in our state-of-the-art gaming salon! And don't forget: for every MTG event you participate in between now and Thanksgiving you get a raffle entry for the November 30th Modern Masters draft!

Many thanks to all who came out today--be it for board gaming, Pathfinder, the Warmachine and Dungeon World demos, or for our 5th Biannual Auction! Good, good times!

FYI: auction bidders and sellers, we will be making calls to notify you of auctions won and games unsold tomorrow in the early afternoon. Again, many thanks for participating!
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