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Our goal is to bring Kindle readers and authors together.
Our goal is to bring Kindle readers and authors together.

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Small Habits Revolution: 10 Steps To Transforming Your Life Through The Power Of Mini Habits!
by Damon Zahariades
Save $2.00 (67%)
Finally! Develop Good Habits That Stick!
Do you find yourself trying to adopt good habits only to abandon them down the road? Are you frustrated because you seem unable to develop them in the first place?
You're not alone!
Most people fail when they try to incorporate new habits into their day. It's not for lack of good intentions. Like you and I, they want to lead more rewarding lives.
They have plenty of motivation. They also possess willpower. But neither are enough. Predictably, their new habits fail to take root, and are eventually abandoned and forgotten.
Can you relate to this problem?
If so, there's a simple solution: starting small.
This effective, time-tested method is described in detail in Small Habits Revolution: 10 Steps To Transforming Your Life Through The Power Of Mini Habits! If you have a few minutes a day, you can develop habits that lead to the following:
better health
greater self-confidence
improved productivity
stronger relationships
a more fulfilling lifestyle

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Red Fox Reviews
by Timothy W Long & Tim Marqitz
Be sure to check it out!

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**Feature Book**
Green River Blend: A Supernatural Thriller
by Armand Rosamilia
Save $11.95 (100%)

Nothing exciting ever happens in a small town…
Especially in the sleepy Florida beachside stretch known as Hammond Beach, nestled between Daytona Beach and St. Augustine. Free from corporate businesses and a slew of tourists descending upon the quaint former fishing village, Hammond Beach is like a painting.
Locals run the businesses on Main Street. Even when a new coffee shop opens, the owner hires only Hammond Beach locals, including manager Betty. She’s born and raised in Hammond Beach and knows everyone.
But when the latest and greatest coffee is put out, Green River Blend, strange things begin to happen to the residents of Hammond Beach…

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**Feature Book**
Cast In fire: Revelations Series Book 2
by Jaime Johnesee (Author), Christine Sutton (Author), Lisa Lane (Author)
Save $13.00 (93%)

Chaos has taken over, wreaking havoc not only across the globe but also throughout Heaven and Hell. The next apocalyptic seals have been breached, and the leaders of the ethereal realms are paying the price. With tensions high and defenses at an all-time low, Polly, Lenny, and Drew continue to hunt down the evil behind it all. Millennia-old secrets rise to the surface, testing friendships and pushing loyalties to their breaking points. With the clock ticking and uncertainty in the air, will enough time remain to unravel a curse that the darkest of forces have Cast in Fire?

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**Feature Book**
Zombie Fallout
by Mark Tufo
Save $12.96 (93%)

It was a flu season like no other. With the H1N1 virus running rampant throughout the country, people lined up in droves to try and attain one of the coveted vaccines. What was not known was the effect this largely untested, rushed to market, inoculation was to have on the unsuspecting throngs. Within days, feverish folk throughout the country convulsed, collapsed, and died, only to be reborn. With a taste for brains, blood, and bodies, these modern-day zombies scoured the lands for their next meal. Overnight the country became a killing ground for the hordes of zombies that ravaged the land.

This is the story of Michael Talbot, his family, and his friends: a band of ordinary people trying to get by in extraordinary times. When disaster strikes, Mike, a self-proclaimed survivalist, does his best to ensure the safety and security of those he cares for. Book one of the Zombie Fallout Trilogy follows our lead character at his self-deprecating, sarcastic best. What he encounters along the way leads him down a long dark road, always skirting the edge of insanity.

Can he keep his family safe? Can he discover the secret behind Tommy's powers? Can he save anyone from the zombie queen? Encircled in a seemingly safe haven called Little Turtle, Mike and his family, together with the remnants of a tattered community, must fight against a relentless, ruthless, unstoppable force. This last bastion of civilization has made its final stand. God help them all.

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**Free Book**
My Delicate Destruction (Wolfegang Series Book 1)
by Jillian Ashe
Save $9.99 (100%)

My Delicate Destruction now contains Shadows in Darkness

They Promised her Hope...

My name is Katerina Anderson. In 2016, a drug called Hope was created. Administered during suspended animation, the drug was supposed to cure the cancer my twin brother and I had. When an earthquake leveled Los Angeles, we were presumed dead.

Forgotten, we slept.

The day I woke up, I realized everything had changed. My brother was missing, and everyone else I knew was dead. I booked passage on a ship to find Kris. The government thinks I'm a criminal and the cure did more than just cure my cancer. My brother is the only one who might have the answers I need, but that drug and all its false hope set me on a path I'm not sure I can follow. Will I find my twin and learn exactly what they did to me before it's too late?

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**Feature Book**
Mash Up
by Joe Klingler
Save $16.01 (94%)

Disturbed by the death of a suspect in a recent case he feels was the result of his own failure to unravel a high-tech crime; Qigiq, Fairbanks detective, motorcyclist and knife-thrower, heads south to partner with the energetic, action-loving Kandy Dreeson of the San Francisco Police Department to be schooled on all things digital.

But when Robina, a violinist from a local college, arrives at the police station with body parts in an Amazon box screaming about her missing roommate, Kandy and Qigiq are soon drowning in a torrent of cyber-clues from YouTube videos to disappearing music files while dodging threats to their lives. With each bit they decipher they grow ever closer to the dangerous forces that would trade money for murder, and secrecy for seduction.

High-speed chase suspenseful, exploding with power-struggle intrigue, and awash in Silicon Valley “innovation,” Mash Up captures the enchantment of the Internet Age, and the deadly power of a file copy.

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**Feature Book**
Murder Uncorked (A Wine Lover's Mystery Book 1)
by Michele Scott
Save $3.99 (100%)

Nikki Sands was like every other aspiring actress—waiting tables between jobs. But Nikki had taken serving wines to heart. She knew enough to impress Napa Valley’s golden boy, Derek Malveaux, who offered her a job at his vineyard. And though Nikki may have left her dreams of stardom behind, the world of wine is ripe with intrigue—and the seeds of sleuthing are planted…

Nikki has just set foot on Napa Valley’s rich soil when she realizes her new job may not be as safe as she thought. First off, Derek Malveaux is disconcertingly sexy. Second, his top winemaker is dead in the bushes outside Nikki’s cottage. It doesn’t take a connoisseur of foul play to know something’s taken a terrible turn…

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**Feature Book**
Remains of Urth (Book 1)
by Jennifer Martucci
Save $0.99 (100%)

The world has changed from what it once was. A dark new species rules the planet. Humankind is endangered. I’ve spent all of my seventeen years, deep in the forest in a hidden village with other humans, safe from the savage creatures that inherited Urth. But one day, all of that changed. Our village was found. We were discovered. My people were slaughtered. None were spared, except the young. Taken and forced into a life of slavery, we’ve been thrust into a civilization where one rule applies: kill or be killed. It is the only way to survive. I worry I’ve strayed from what characterizes me as human. I wonder whether I’m any better than the creatures who enslave me. Then the love I feel for my siblings reminds me that I still am. I hate what has been done to them, to me. I vow to avenge what’s happened, to free us. Or die trying.

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**Feature Book**
Grave Secrets: Christine Sutton Collection
by Christine Sutton
Save $13.25 (100%)

Pull your covers up and settle in for a chilling ride through the world of ghosts, goblins and all the things that go bump in the night! This collection of short stories and novellas by bestselling author, Christine Sutton will take you from spirits of the past to the walking dead of the present. What will you find when you go searching for the answers to Christine Sutton’s Grave Secrets?

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